How do I Choose the Best Social Network Template?

Kasey James

The best social network template is one that expresses the personality of the website. Your template should have a theme that matches the topic of your site and allows for a neat layout. The template should be easy to download and use. You may also want to consider the cost of the templates, as not all of them are free.

A social network template should be easy to download to a person's computer and then upload to the social networking platform.
A social network template should be easy to download to a person's computer and then upload to the social networking platform.

Many templates are themed and should correspond with the content that is on your social network site. If your site is all about caring and owning dogs then your theme should be dog-related. If your site is more personal, then choose a template that has colors and pictures that represent your own personality. The personality of the site should stand out from other websites.

A neat and clean layout is important when finding the best social network template. Users who come to your social networking site should be able to easily read the font and navigate around the page. The font should be a darker color with a light background or a lighter color with a dark background. The font size should be large and the font style should be legible. Everything on the page, such as a blog, links, and pictures, should be placed with plenty of space in between.

A social network template should be easy to download to your computer and then upload to the social networking platform. If you're not sure how to do this, then the company you are getting the template from should have clear directions. Some companies that sell templates will place the template onto your site for you. Once you have the template uploaded to your site, it should be easy to arrange all your content and change your colors and font.

There are many companies that create templates. A simple social network template can be free of charge. Some of the templates carry a cost and can range from inexpensive to very expensive. Some template companies will design a specific template for you. After the initial flat cost of the template, extra installation fees might apply.

Most free templates are open to all Internet users. A social network template that you pay for usually comes with some rights. This could mean that you are the only one with the rights to use that template. It is important to know if the template you purchase is yours alone.

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@MrMoody - Social networking templates are not just about style, they’re also about functionality. For example, there’s this one Joomla social network template that has some cool features which let you consolidate pictures, videos, blogs and bookmarks on one page.

It’s pretty cool and I’ve used it myself. Like you, I’m not that concerned about colors and stuff, but the added functionality makes my site more usable and attractive.


Honestly, I just use the default templates that come with the social networking software. Yes, they're plain and perhaps don’t express much in the way of “personality,” but it works for me (or perhaps suggests that my personality is bland).

Anyway, I think that social networking is about content and making connections more than it is about styles or themes. Sure you can express yourself anyway you want, but the thing that makes these sites popular in my opinion is the vast network of connections that you plug into, whether they’re people you currently know or old “blasts from the past.”

So I strive to keep thing simple, but that’s just me.

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