How Do I Choose the Best Soccer Underwear?

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Sports underwear is usually designed to keep moisture away from the skin, and soccer underwear is no exception. Synthetic athletic underwear with smooth seams is usually considered best, and they help reduce the amount of skin irritation and chaffing. The underwear should also offer a certain amount of support and protection, along with comfort.

During a sports workout, like soccer, the body has a tendency to sweat. If this moisture sits on the skin for an extended period of time, it can cause skin irritation, especially in the folds of the skin. Choosing underwear that will quickly remove moisture from the surface of the skin is usually recommended.

Cotton soccer underwear is typically not the best choice. This material absorbs moisture, allowing it to sit next to the skin. Stretchy synthetic fabrics typically make better athletic underwear. These types of fabrics are usually more breathable, and moisture evaporates from the skin more quickly when athletes wear them. This results in less irritation and chafing.

Seams and tags on soccer underwear can also cause skin irritation. Seamless athletic underwear is available, but it may be a little more expensive than other types of underwear. Flat-lock seams on the underwear are another option. These types of seams are sewn so they lay flat against the garment, causing less friction and irritation.


Besides moisture and seams, traditional clothing tags can also cause skin irritation. Tagless underwear can help prevent this. Instead of a fabric tag sewn into the garment, tagless underwear usually has the garment information and care instructions painted onto the inside of the underwear.

Support is another important consideration when choosing the right soccer underwear. Women should wear a sports bra to help minimize breast discomfort and possible ligament damage. These types of bras are typically sturdier than regular bras, and they help hold the breasts in place while playing sports or exercising.

Men should choose supportive briefs. These types of underwear help hold the male genitals closer to the body. Some briefs also have a front pocket in which a protective cup can be inserted. A jock strap, which helps support and protect the male genitals, is another option for men.

You should also make sure that whichever soccer underwear you choose is comfortable. If possible, you should try it on before purchasing it. Soccer players run and move a lot, so the underwear you choose should allow you to move freely without binding or pinching.


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Post 3

The biggest issue that I experience with my underwear during soccer games is chafing. I've even had issues with athletic underwear. The only way to know is to actually wear them but then I can't return them if they cause chafing. I've started reading customer reviews of soccer underwear lately though. This is good because people do mention this in their review. I think I've finally found one that won't give me problems. I ordered it yesterday, I hope these will work for me.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- It definitely makes a difference. Please don't make the mistake of wearing 100% cotton underwear during a match. Not only can the cold sweat make you sick, but it will also be very bothersome and irritating during the match. It will feel wet and you won't be able to concentrate on the game.

I highly recommend purchasing a professional soccer underwear or athletic underwear especially made for removing moisture quickly. Don't worry, that moisture will evaporate, it's not going to just sit there.

Post 1

I know that some synthetic fabrics now whisk away moisture from the skin quickly. But considering the fact I wear shorts over my underwear, does this really matter? If I was wearing sports shorts that pull away moisture, that would make sense. But it seems like the moisture will still remain close to skin since there is a material on top of the underwear.

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