How Do I Choose the Best Soccer Fitness Plan?

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Soccer is a sport that requires endurance, agility, speed, and strength. A soccer field is very large, and, during a game, players are constantly running or sprinting. Strong legs that can complete intricate soccer maneuvers are also important. A player training for this sport should follow a soccer fitness plan that includes both aerobic exercises and strength training. Soccer drills can also be included to help a player improve his game skills while improving overall physical condition.

Running and sprinting are two of the main aspects of playing soccer. A player should expect to be moving for most of the game, with only short periods of rest, and this requires a high amount of endurance. The best soccer fitness plan is one that puts a strong emphasis on aerobic conditioning. This type of routine may include running long distances at a steady pace, as well as sprints at a fast pace, and interval training. Aerobic exercises should be done on a regular schedule to build and maintain cardiovascular endurance.

Strong legs are key for a soccer player. The proper soccer fitness plan will focus on strength training that improves muscle strength and quick muscle reaction. Good leg exercises for soccer players include squats and lunges. Plyometrics, a type of exercise program that focuses on jumping, may also be incorporated into a workout routine to improve the power of the leg muscles.


Soccer drills combine practicing important game skills with physical exercise. Including drills in a soccer fitness plan can help a player improve or maintain his game while he exercises. This may include running the length of a soccer field while dribbling a ball, or practicing penalty kicks with a ball. If two players are training together, they may practice passing the ball back and forth while running.

When following a soccer fitness plan, a warm-up and stretching routine should always be included. A warm-up may consist of five minutes of jumping rope or doing jumping jacks. The stretching routine should encompass all of the major muscle groups in the body in order to prevent injury while exercising. A fitness plan should be followed carefully, and a player should never participate in one that exceeds his physical abilities. If a soccer fitness plan is followed properly and done on a regular basis, a player should see an improvement in his endurance and strength in a short amount of time.


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