How do I Choose the Best Soccer Ankle Brace?

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The best soccer ankle brace for you will depend on your ankle protection needs and any current or past ankle injuries you’ve suffered. You’ll need a brace made of materials durable enough to provide the proper level of ankle support and flexible enough to allow your ankle a full range of motion. The best ankle support brace will work with your game uniform and gear, such as your shin guards and shoes. Many sports equipment stores, pharmacies, and medical supply businesses sell these types of braces. Before choosing a brace, talk with your soccer coach, fellow teammates, and perhaps even your doctor.

The purpose of a soccer ankle brace is to provide ankle protection while you play soccer. This means you need a brace made of material sturdy enough to support your ankle, but also lightweight and flexible enough to allow you full use of your ankle. For comfort, try to find a brace made of a material that will keep your ankle, foot, shin, and calf cool and dry. Also, the material must be thin enough so you can comfortably wear the brace and your shoe at the same time. When you’re ready to shop for a soccer ankle brace, consider bringing the shoes you wear during practice sessions and games so you can try everything on at the same time.


In addition to selecting the right material, you must select the right design. Some support braces use a lace-and-tie method of securing the brace, and others use a snap- or strap-on method. Some braces are designed to rise high against your shin, while others sit closer to your ankle. You might want a brace that wraps around the sole of your foot, leaving your heel exposed, or you might want one that also covers your heel. Compare these varieties with your foot size, the shoes and other game gear you wear, and how much ankle protection you need to choose the most appropriate soccer ankle brace.

Many companies carry the types of braces designed to support ankles, wrists, knees, and elbows for sports players. You can browse the soccer equipment section of your local sports supply store or even look in the medical supply section of your pharmacy. You can also shop the numerous online stores that specialize in sports gear and medical equipment. If you’re shopping for a soccer ankle brace to prevent injury or protect an ankle that suffered a mild injury in the past, you’ll probably find the right brace from one of these businesses. Just be sure to talk with your coach and teammates about the kinds of braces they’ve had success with, as well as read consumer reviews about the braces you’re considering.

If you’re unable to find a soccer ankle brace that provides the kind of ankle support you need, consider talking with your doctor. He might be able to fit you for a special brace, or put you in contact with a medical supply company that sells a wider variety of sports braces. No matter what kind of ankle support brace you use, if you’re experiencing pain in your ankle it’s safest to stop playing and see your doctor before participating in another game. This is especially true if you’re using the brace to protect an ankle that’s already suffered an injury. New or ongoing pain could mean the injury isn’t healing properly or the ankle has suffered additional damage.


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Post 3

I play soccer for fun once in a while, and I need a little extra ankle support when I do. I have found that most ankle braces are too stiff or constricting for my taste, and that a stretchy sports bandage works just find. Another great thing about this type of bandage is that it is easy to find in almost any store and it is quite affordable.

To use a stretchy bandage as an ankle brace, all you have to do is wrap it around your ankle at least 5 or 6 times. You can adjust the support by wrapping it as tightly or loosely as you want it. Just make sure that you don't wrap it so tightly around your ankle that it interferes with your circulation or movement on soccer field.

Post 2

@ocelot60- I like that type of ankle brace for young players too, but they don't work for everyone. The best way for soccer players to get the right brace for their needs is to talk to their coaches.

Coaches often keep a variety of braces on hand for their players to use. So it may not even be necessary to buy one, if a player has a generous coach.

Post 1

For young soccer players that need a little extra ankle support, ankle braces that fasten with Velcro are good options. They are easy to get on and off, even for small hands. This type of brace also provides just enough support without being too tight or restrictive.

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