How Do I Choose the Best Soap Cutter?

Nicole Etolen

Making your own soap is both relaxing and beneficial, as you get to control exactly which ingredients go into it and experiment with different scents. If you are making soap in bulk, you will need to cut it into individual bars once it is ready. While you could theoretically use a regular stainless steel kitchen knife to cut it into bars, this is not only extremely difficult, but results in very uneven soap. Specially designed soap cutters allow you to make more even cuts, resulting in a professional-looking bar of soap. Choosing the best soap cutter depends mostly on how you want your finished product to look.

Specially designed soap cutters allow a person to make even cuts, resulting in a professional-looking bar of soap.
Specially designed soap cutters allow a person to make even cuts, resulting in a professional-looking bar of soap.

The first thing to keep in mind when looking for a soap cutter is that some of them are specifically made for soap made from scratch and cannot be used with the glycerin-based “melt and pour” soap. This type of soap does not get as hard as soap made from scratch and is a lot more fragile, so it is more likely to break or crumble if you use soap-cutting tools designed for soap from scratch. You will also need to get a tool that fits your budget and your workspace. If you only have space for a counter-top soap cutter, you may not want to buy a large tabletop soap cutter.

Professional soap makers may use soap cutters made for mass production.
Professional soap makers may use soap cutters made for mass production.

If you are a large-scale soap maker and planning to cut hundreds of bars a day, you may want to invest in a professional soap cutter capable of cutting numerous bars with one press. There are several different types available, including manual cutters and special air-powered cutters that allow you to apply up to 600 pounds (about 272 kg) of pressure with just your hands. Many of the professional molds can be custom designed to fit your specifications, which is handy if you want every bar of soap to be a particular size. For smaller batches, you can still use a bulk soap cutter that cuts a smaller number of bars with each press.

There are also several different types of soap cutter tools that are designed to cut a single bar at a time. You can get cutters that create straight edges, wavy edges, and even fancier ridged edges. If you opt for a single-bar cutter, you may want to purchase a special mold with cutting guides to help you cut evenly. Whichever soap cutter you choose, just be sure to opt for one with a stainless steel blade to avoid rusting and make clean-up easier.

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Where is the best place to buy soap molds and cutters?

I have been watching videos about how to make soap online and am ready to try and start making some on my own. I am not very good at crafts, but I think soap making would be a good start, as I love bath products. There are so many kinds of soap cutters available online, I am not sure if I should buy one or just get a soap making kit to start with. I can't imagine myself making a lot of soap, but if I get good at it, I think I would make some soaps to give as gifts during the holidays.


@manykitties2 - If you are looking into the best soap supplies for producing larger batches of soap I would see if your friends are interested in chipping in for a mitre box and pastry scraper or cheese cutter, as these make nice cuts for beginners. Plus, they are very inexpensive to buy.

Once you are comfortable with making larger batches of soap and are set on making soap to sell you could buy some more professional tools. My friends though, have been using cheese cutters for ages and it does just a good a job as any wire soap cutter they have tried.


My friends and I have just started to get into making natural soap as we have gotten tired of all the chemicals in our current products. Plus, making soap is a lot of fun and we can really experiment with different scents.

We are wondering if it is a better idea to buy a quality soap cutter as part of a kit or to purchase one separately. We usually make a few dozen bars of soap during out meetings and right now we are just using simple soap molds. All we do to get our soap out is pop them. We'd like to start making larger batches of soap and taking them to craft shows.

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