How do I Choose the Best Snoring Aids?

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Choosing the best snoring aids typically involves finding the root cause of the snoring. There are many different factors that contribute to snoring that are usually related to health. Some of these factors are minor, and some are fairly serious. Many of the snoring aids available are effective for some people but not for others. The ineffectiveness that some people experience from various snoring devices is likely related to the fact that they probably do not know what is causing their snoring problem.

Some people snore due to allergies or temporary colds and sinus infections. In most cases, the snoring will cease when the sinuses clear up or whatever is causing the allergy is removed from the sleeping environment. Nasal strips, which are available over the counter at most retail food and drug stores, may be effective for dealing with temporary snoring problems. These are usually just adhesive strips that fit across the bridge of the nose, and they have springs attached that lift the sides of the nose while a person sleeps. This increases the passageway for air to go in and out of the nostrils and often helps a person stop snoring.


If snoring is the result of a problem like sleep apnea, more advanced snoring aids may be necessary. People who snore regardless of what position they sleep in and tend to wake themselves up several times during the night gasping for breath may have sleep apnea, but only a doctor can make a definite diagnosis. Over-the-counter snoring aids usually do not work very well for people who suffer from this disorder, and in many cases surgery is necessary to correct it. Doctors can also prescribe special snoring aids for sleep apnea patients, such as special masks that fit over the mouth or the entire face to help keep breathing airways open during the night.

Some people snore for other reasons, such as being overweight, consuming too much alcohol, and smoking. Over-the-counter snoring aids may help with snoring if it is related to these things, but it will probably just be a temporary fix until a person makes the necessary lifestyle changes to stop the snoring. If a person loses weight and limits the amount of alcohol he drinks and stops smoking, snoring may no longer be a problem. A trial and error process might be necessary for a person to find out exactly why she snores.


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