How Do I Choose the Best Snare Drum Stand?

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Novice drummers and hobbyists that don't travel with their equipment are typically satisfied with a lightweight snare drum stand. Medium weight snare stands are durable, stable, and are suitable for all but the most aggressive drummers. Heavyweight snare drum stands are often the best choice for those drummers with very aggressive playing styles and who regularly travel with their equipment. A snare drum stand should be stable, adjustable, and not creep across the floor when the snare is being played. As price isn't necessarily indicative of quality, a good snare drum stand can be found in most budget ranges.

Snare drum stands are used to securely support snare drums and should hold a snare drum firmly without wobbling or tipping. Most collapse for easy transportation, are height adjustable, and allow the angle of the snare basket to be adjusted. Some snare drum stands also have an adjustable snare basket that can be changed to accommodate differently sized snare drums. The snare basket should have rubber tips that grip the snare drum without damaging the outside of the drum.


The feet of the snare drum stand should also be rubberized to prevent the stand from slipping or creeping during playing. Double-braced legs are most durable than single-braced legs, but are a more important feature for the gigging drummer than the hobbyist. Memory locks are a popular feature on snare stands and other drum hardware because once they are set, they don't need to be readjusted. They can be quickly locked and unlocked in the exact same position for every use.

There are three different weight categories for snare drum stands: light, medium, and heavy. Beginners and drummers with a light drumming style who don't gig or travel with their gear are often satisfied with a lightweight snare stand, which are often less expensive than medium or heavyweight snare stands. Lightweight snare stands are often less durable than their heavier counterparts.

For the more experienced drummer or one who regularly travels with drumming equipment, a medium to heavyweight snare drum stand would be a better choice than one that's lighter weight. Medium weight snare stands are solid and generally more stable than lightweight stands. Drummers with a hard-hitting playing style who don't travel or gig can often use medium weight. Those who drum heavily and frequently travel with their gear generally prefer a heavy weight snare drum stand for both stability and durability.


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