How Do I Choose the Best Small Rugs?

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Choosing the best small rugs will be different depending on their intended use. For example, the best small rug for a bathroom is different than the best one for a living room. In addition to different designs, materials, and colors, small rugs may have special physical properties as well. When making a selection, it is a good idea to make the rug fit the room rather than the other way around, as this type of decoration can often be easily replaced.

One of the most common places in which small rugs are used is the bathroom, and the best may fit around fixtures like sinks or toilets, or they may be a regular shape and sit next to these objects. Depending on the size of the room, a person may need to find a very small rug. These decorations must usually stand up to water and prevent people from slipping in order to be effective. As these items often get dirty, the best small bathroom rugs are usually inexpensive as well.

Small rugs for kitchens often come in padded designs for use next to sinks and stoves. Padding can help prevent sore feet and may be the best choice if someone does not wear shoes in the house. Small rugs for dining areas are usually made to resemble more traditional rug designs and may look like small versions of popular large rugs.


For children's areas such as nurseries and playrooms, many people believe that rugs in happy colors and child-appropriate themes are best. A small rug for a child's room might incorporate certain kinds of play as well, such as a design made of roads for playing with cars. These rugs must also be easy to clean because spills are common around children. When possible, rugs that are not likely to cause falls are also a good idea.

In general, choosing the best small rugs usually involves thinking about decorations that are already established in the room. It is often possible to find a rug to fit unusual dimensions if necessary, but this type is usually small enough to fit between large items. Making the rug match the furnishings can be accomplished in terms of colors or materials, but some people like the look of a small rug in a contrasting color in order to brighten up a room. Sometimes, the best small rugs may even be seasonal to allow the room to look appropriate at all times of the year.


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