How do I Choose the Best Small Kitchen Makeover?

Dan Cavallari

A small kitchen makeover is perhaps the most important kind of makeover for any room in the house. The kitchen has to be a functional space, and when the kitchen is small, cooking, serving, and cleaning all become more difficult. To begin choosing your small kitchen makeover, draw a quick layout of your current kitchen and identify problem spots. Find the areas that are difficult to use, areas in which space is not being used as best as it could, and places where improvements can be made quickly and easily. From there, it's time to choose a small kitchen makeover that will work best for your space.

The utilization of space is important during a kitchen makeover.
The utilization of space is important during a kitchen makeover.

The key to a small kitchen makeover is the utilization of space. Since small kitchens often have little counter space to spare, it is important to find places other than the countertop to store appliances, pots and pans, and dishes. Look for unused places that might be usable as valuable storage space: hanging hooks above a kitchen sink to hang pots and pans, for example. Where small cabinets make access to plates and dishes difficult, replace it with one or two larger cabinet doors that open wide enough to access the contents.

Aesthestics and functionality are important to a kitchen makeover.
Aesthestics and functionality are important to a kitchen makeover.

Part of a small kitchen makeover is not necessarily making more room, but instead giving the illusion of a larger room. Several small cabinets will give off a claustrophobic feel; replace small cabinet doors with fewer, larger doors. If there is not enough space for a larger cabinet door to swing outward, consider a rolling pantry that rolls straight outward. This allows you to access items far back in the cabinet, and it means more effective use of the space inside the cabinets often lost to a lack of accessibility. If the refrigerator is in a recessed wall, consider a large, wide-paneled armoire-style door to cover it. The smooth, large surfaces will give the impression of a larger room.

Aside from functionality, aesthetics are key when choosing a small kitchen makeover. Consider light sources: window light can open up a space and make it feel less cave-like. Consider a plan that will accentuate available light and improve it by placing lights in creative and useful places. While chopping blocks and islands certainly look nice, they aren't always a feasible option in small kitchens. Consider a plan that has hidden chopping boards instead. They can be tucked neatly away beneath countertops when not in use, and can double as an extra serving station or prep station when pulled out. Generally speaking, look for a plan that takes space and aesthetics into account, and tailor it to your own needs.

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