How do I Choose the Best Small Business Inventory Software?

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Small business inventory software is a program that helps you manage all of the aspects of your inventory, including products and supplies. Choosing the best option for your business starts with identifying inventory management programs that help you with inventory tracking, inventory planning and purchasing. When you find programs that best fit the types of inventory your small business deals with, you can start to narrow down your options until you find the computer inventory software that fits all of your business inventory needs.

The best small business inventory software is one that allows you to integrate the various aspects of managing your business supplies and products. For example, your inventory management should integrate with your order management. So, as orders come in and shipments go out, this information is recorded and an alert is sent to indicate that more supplies or products need to be ordered and stocked.

Customer management is another item you want to investigate when searching for the small business inventory software that will best fit your business needs. You will likely want software that can capture customer information, and sends email confirmations when shipments are sent along with tracking numbers. A program that updates your customer relationship manager database is also important so these customers receive your marketing promotions.


The ability to run reports is another feature to look for in the business inventory software. Running and analyzing reports provides invaluable information, such as the popularity and profitability of each of your products. These reports also allow you to forecast sales, make sure you have enough inventory in stock, and to avoid overstocking items.

You may also want small business inventory software that syncs with your warehouse. This allows the warehouse to conduct inventory audits and keep track of supplies and products as well. Since the warehouse is typically responsible for shipping or delivering items to customers, it is a good idea for this area to have wireless or hard-line access to the inventory system.

Once you gather information on all of the features that the small business inventory software can provide your business, your next consideration is the cost. The price of software can vary, depending on the features, the number of users that have access to the system, and the training and support package that comes with it. Choosing the best software comes down to choosing a program that fits all of the required features, but still fits within your budget.


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