How Do I Choose the Best Slimming Underwear?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best slimming underwear usually depends on what types of underwear one is comfortable wearing. Most slimming underwear is initially uncomfortable, but some types are more restrictive than others. There are versions of this type of undergarment for both men and women, and it is usually a good idea to wear underwear specifically designed for either the male or female physique to achieve a natural look. Different brands of underwear use different proportions, and the best brand for one body may not be the best for another.

Slimming underwear may resemble pantyhose.
Slimming underwear may resemble pantyhose.

Women's slimming underwear comes in a number of styles, but some of the most popular types resemble pantyhose or tights rather than traditional brief-style underwear. This style may reach only to the thighs or may extend all the way to the toes in order to function as leg wear. The control top of the underwear restricts the stomach, giving the wearer the appearance of being slimmer. Some designs reach all the way past the ribcage or even over the shoulders in order to prevent the appearance of rolls of fat at the top of the garment. In some designs, the thighs of the garment are also very tight to create the illusion of slimmer legs.

Shapewear can help reduce the appearance of belly fat.
Shapewear can help reduce the appearance of belly fat.

Men's slimming underwear is typically sold as compression underwear and covers only the top of the body. Many men do not enjoy the sensation of wearing highly restrictive clothing in the genital area, so most men do not find much success wearing slimming underwear designed for women. Compression underwear of this type is typically shaped like a t-shirt and designed to hold in the belly and chest. Choosing the best men's underwear generally involves considering the neckline and the basic size, as most designs are very similar.

Vintage corsets are very effective at shaping the body, and can be used as fashion statements themselves.
Vintage corsets are very effective at shaping the body, and can be used as fashion statements themselves.

Traditional slimming undergarments for women existed long before the invention of stretchy compression underwear. Some women still choose to wear a corset or girdle, which may be more visible than other types of body shaping underwear but also often come in more attractive styles. Vintage corsets and girdles are very effective at shaping the body and can be used as fashion statements themselves.

Some types of slimming underwear focus on the stomach, hips and thighs.
Some types of slimming underwear focus on the stomach, hips and thighs.

There are many differences between slimming underwear brands, and some people find that one brand works better than others. This is because even within the same gender, people's bodies can be shaped quite differently. Trying out a number of styles in the store is a good way to choose the best slimming underwear, but this is not always possible when the garment is sold in a closed package.

A girdle is a type of slimming underwear for women.
A girdle is a type of slimming underwear for women.

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@OeKc05 – Slimming underwear is uncomfortable after a big meal, but it can also be a great weight loss aid! When I'm wearing it, I just don't eat much.

I have to say that today's slimming underwear is so much better than the waist shapers of the past, though. I once tried on an old girdle, and I literally could not breathe. I can't believe that anyone would go through such torture just to look slim!

My slimming underwear breathes with me, and though it keeps me from overeating, it doesn't cause me pain. I always buy underwear that I can try on first, and if a store won't let me try it on, I just don't buy it. Those stores have a no-return policy on all underwear, and I don't want to end up stuck with something that I can't wear.


I wear stomach slimming underwear that goes up over my rib cage. I have to be careful not to eat a big lunch, though, or it will become so uncomfortable that I'll have to remove it.

It seems that underwear like this can cause gas pains if I eat very much. Has anyone else ever experienced this with tight slimming underwear?


@healthy4life – That sounds a lot more comfortable than the control top pantyhose I have been wearing to slim down my midsection! I don't even need the hose on my legs, but it's the only thing I could find to compress my fat roll under my waist.

Control top pantyhose are annoying at times, because the top can roll down and make a lump after it loses a bit of elasticity once they have been washed a few times. Also, they just aren't comfortable in the crotch area.

If you don't have rolls of fat on your midsection, then sometimes wearing less underwear can be more slimming. Some bigger styles of underwear can actually cause a muffin top.

I wear hiphugger panties, because they fall below the waistline and don't press on the area that would make my love handles show. I don't have a lot of fat, but I have enough that certain styles of underwear could easily emphasize it.

I can't wear big briefs or panties with a higher waistline. Hiphuggers are slimming both above and below, because they cover the butt enough that it won't stick out in lumps around the edges.

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