How do I Choose the Best Slimming Capsules?

Synthia L. Rose

The best slimming capsules typically contain three main components: an appetite suppressant, a metabolism enhancer and fat blockers. Whether they are best for specific individuals will depend on the amount of weight loss desired, the planned duration of use and whether the person wants to visit a doctor for a prescription. The capsule’s reputation for maintaining long-term weight loss may also be a worthwhile criterion.

Slimming capsules.
Slimming capsules.

Two appetite-suppressing ingredients that many dieters scout for when selecting slimming capsules are sibutramine and phentermine. These two chemicals subdue feelings of hunger through the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. Only one is needed for a slimming capsule to be effective. Orlistat is a fat-blocker that purports to hinder the body’s ability to absorb fat; it, too, is a mainstay in many slimming pills. Other mainstays considered desirable by both male and female dieters include kelp and coconut oil, which are considered metabolism-boosters because they increase calorie-burning and balance thyroid functions.

Kelp is considered to be a metabolism booster.
Kelp is considered to be a metabolism booster.

Natural slimming capsules do not contain regulated drugs and can be bought in health food stores, pharmacies and online without prescriptions. Governments generally do not regulate natural capsules, which are considered dietary supplements. Governments have, however, found illegal traces of drugs in several popular over-the-counter natural slimming capsules after analyzing them. An overwhelming amount of dangerous drugs were found in many slimming capsules manufactured in China, according to a recent study by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Exercise and restricted diets are not necessary to reap benefits from slimming pills. After one month, users of slimming products generally report losses of between 10 and 15 lbs. ( 22 and 33 kgs.) without any changes to eating habits or workout habits. Dieticians, however, suggest that without a lifestyle change that increases activity and reduces caloric intake, any weight loss through slimming capsules might generally be short-lived.

Slimming capsules often come with both positive and negative side effects. Some positive benefits include better skin, stable moods, higher energy levels and, for some, feelings of euphoria. Negative side effects can include restlessness, irritability and intermittent depression. Insomnia, a faster heartbeat, dizziness and vertigo can also occur. Users have occasionally reported addiction to slimming pills.

Manufacturers of diet pills often market their products with strong claims of weight loss that do not have to be approved by government regulators. Most people, therefore, balance hyped claims against real-life testimonials and advice from doctors. Most slimming capsules, unless herbal, must be prescribed by medical practitioners.

Some people who are taking diet capsules experience vertigo and a rapid pulse.
Some people who are taking diet capsules experience vertigo and a rapid pulse.

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