How Do I Choose the Best Slanted Tweezers?

Judith Smith Sullivan

The best slanted tweezers will meet your needs at a price that you can afford. Tweezers can be made of various metal alloys or plastic and come in a variety of sizes. They are available at drugstores, cosmetic stores, and medical and laboratory suppliers. The easiest way to shop for tweezers is to search online, but there is no substitute for seeing the tweezers in person in order to judge their quality.

Tweezers are handy to keep in any makeup bag for instant hair removal.
Tweezers are handy to keep in any makeup bag for instant hair removal.

Begin by determining what function you need the tweezers to fulfill. Slanted tweezers can be used for a variety of tasks, such as working with small objects like watch parts or jewelry, plucking hairs or applying false eyelashes, and sorting samples of organic matter. Different types of tweezers are designed to work best in different types of situations.

Rounded tweezers are best for applying false eyelashes.
Rounded tweezers are best for applying false eyelashes.

For instance, if you will be working with larger items, a pair of slanted tweezers with scissor grips or other handles will ease the stress on your fingers as you lift heavier objects. If you will be working with very small items, a small pair of tweezers with a squeeze grip will suffice. Some slanted tweezers have rubber coatings to make them softer and easier to hold for long periods of time. The rubber grip also reduces the chances of accidentally dropping the tweezers as the grip is not slick.

The size of the slant itself can vary from tweezer to tweezer. Choose a shorter slant for smaller objects and a longer slant for larger objects. Angled tweezers are an alternative to slanted tweezers, offering similar precision with a longer length on the tip of the tweezer.

Keep in mind that the material from which the tweezers are made affects their function. Typically, plastic tweezers are not conducive to working with very small, delicate items. They also do not have the same stability or durability as metal tweezers. Even so, non-ferrous metals and plastics are useful for avoiding magnetic attractions between objects. Plastic tweezers can also be used if an individual has an allergy to metals.

Tweezers are usually inexpensive, but a prices may vary widely depending on brand name. As with most products, higher price does not necessarily mean better quality. Even so, some of the cheapest tweezers are made so imprecisely that the tips do not meet precisely, resulting in tweezers that do not grip properly. Avoid the cheapest and the most expensive tweezers unless there is a specific feature that you need. For instance, there are few brands of tweezers with looped scissor handles. In such a case, you may have to pay more to get what you need.

Scissor tweezers may be used for hair removal.
Scissor tweezers may be used for hair removal.

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@bear78-- If tweezers are not aligned properly or if the ends are not filed, they will not grab hair and will become blunt after a while. I recommend slanted tweezers with hand filed ends. These are much better at grabbing hairs, they never miss.

Of course even such tweezers will lose some effectiveness after extensive use. But some manufacturers will actually sharpen them for you for free. So you should buy from a manufacturer who offers this service.


Slanted tweezers are nice but they always become ineffective after several years of use. They don't grab hairs anymore and this is true even for the most expensive slanted tweezers. So I have to buy a new one every couple of years.


I've been using stainless steel slanted cosmetic tweezers for years. I mostly use it to keep my eyebrows in shape. I pluck out the extra hairs below my eyebrow and in between. The whole process only takes me a minute.

I've even used this type of tweezers around my eyes, to pluck eyelashes growing in odd directions and to apply false lashes. Since the tip is not sharp, slanted tweezers are safe for these uses.

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