How do I Choose the Best Skin Tone Cream?

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Choosing the best skin tone cream means assessing your skin needs and finding a product that matches those needs. For example, someone with a very fair complexion who is prone to skin irritation and redness may want to use a cream that includes sunblock to keep the skin from burning or becoming damaged by the sun. Also, such a person would be smart to choose a product that is formulated for sensitive skin and includes ingredients such as chamomile and aloe, which help to soothe and calm skin and can help to reduce redness and irritations.

Another factor when choosing between skin tone cream is the desired tone of your skin. A person who is interested in getting a deeper, richer tone may want to use a cream that includes a bronzer or a similar kind of tanning product. On the other hand, someone who is trying to lighten the tone of her skin or fade dark spots and scars may want to use a lightening or whitening product in order to get the desired effect.

Before choosing a skin tone cream, look for customer reviews. These sorts of reviews are a great way to find products that, according to other consumers, actually work. Reviews can be found on websites dedicated to beauty products and in magazines about beauty related issues or which include a beauty section. Such magazines often include articles on creams for the skin along with recommendations from the beauty editor.


There are different considerations for creams that are intended for the entire body than those just for the face. For example, cream for the face may need to include a higher sun protection factor (SPF) than cream for the body. This is especially true for people who either live in cooler areas where most of the skin on the body is covered by clothing or who work in a professional setting that requires conservative attire. In these cases, the skin on the face is exposed to the sun much more than the skin on other parts of the body. There are, however, some creams specially formulated for the hands that are intended to improve the skin tone there, which often ages as fast if not more quickly than the skin on the face.


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Post 5

I am a bit fair and have seen that my foot is mostly exposed to the sun a lot, which has caused my feet and ankles and the back lower part of my leg to become dark. What cream can I use to lighten or fade to even with the rest of my body?

Post 4

I am not dark nor really fair as such, but I used to have a lovely and fine skin until I started paying too much attention to my skin.

A friend recommended Skin Success, but it didn't work, so I switched to O'tentika products (cream, soap and serum), all to no avail. Initially, my skin was so fine and attractive until after a month, and then I started having sunburns and was looking so white, I had to stop it because it was seriously bleaching my skin,,

Presently, I use the Aveeno daily moisturizer, but it's darkening my skin and I like its effect on me. I don't know if its the cream or the bath wash I use with it.

Please, I need someone (like a dermatologist) to help me find a solution to my skin issue. I want to recover my normal fair skin without acne on my face.

Post 3

I am a bit fair, and need something that will enhance my color. Will QEI+paris Active Harmonie Reparateur Lait Corporel do the work, or will it make me darker?

Post 2

@ellaferris - It sounds like the best skin lightening cream for you would be those made of all natural products since you've had sort of an allergic reaction in the past.

I suggest you research the skin care products made by Natural Skin Shop, Sephora or Barielle. I'm not sure if you can purchase their skin whitening cream over the counter or not but they all have an online presence so you can check out the reviews.

I like Clinique products and I use several of their cosmetics daily however the toning cream didn't give me the results I was looking for but it did leave my skin silky smooth.

The best results I've gotten has been with Barielle's skin brightening cream. It's made with beeswax and all natural oils and herbal extracts. It smells fantastic and it leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Post 1

I've had problem skin all of my life. As a teenager I had terrible acne that left some scarring which I've learned to manage with cosmetics.

But as I've gotten older I've noticed large brown spots on my hands and some white scars on my upper arms that are the result of an itchy allergy I used to pick at.

I've been reading the reviews for an even skin tone cream by Clinique but some women confessed that it made their skin break out. What do you think is the best over the counter cream to even the skin tone on my hands and arms?

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