How Do I Choose the Best Skin Supplements?

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Choosing the best skin supplements is all about knowing which key vitamins and other nutrients contribute to the health and beauty of the skin. Vitamins such as E, A and C are crucial, as are omega-3 fatty acids, the B-complex vitamin known as biotin and the minerals selenium, zinc and silica. It can be difficult for people to consume sufficient amounts of these nutrients, and taking them as individual supplements is not particularly realistic or convenient. Therefore, the best skin supplements will be those that contain any of these nutrients that are deficient in your normal diet.

Vitamins E, A and C, which can all be found in a standard multivitamin pill, are essential nutrients for maintaining healthy skin. All three of these vitamins are crucial to the processes that allow the skin to repair itself and guard against damage from aging or environmental factors. Consuming adequate amounts of vitamins E, A and C can help prevent sun damage and stave off or maybe even repair fine lines and wrinkles. These vitamins also act as antioxidants, meaning that they offer protection against free radicals that can cause signs of aging. Additionally, vitamin A can help hydrate skin and fight acne, and vitamin C boosts collagen production to plump up skin and increase elasticity.


Healthy skin depends largely on the availability of healthy fats in the body, which is influenced by both omega-3 fatty acids and the B-complex vitamin biotin. Omega-3 fatty acids aid in hydration and elasticity, which can help skin appear supple and give it a healthy glow. You can use these essential fatty acids as skin supplements by taking fish oil or flaxseed oil capsules. Biotin pills also are commonly used as skin supplements because this B vitamin is responsible for the fat synthesis that is essential for the repair of skin cells that are rapidly replaced.

The minerals selenium and silica are both influential in improving and maintaining elasticity in skin. Additionally, silica helps the skin heal wounds, and selenium is an antioxidant that can help protect the skin from ultraviolet light and subsequent skin damage. Zinc, which is a common ingredient in sun protection products, also can help regulate oil production in the skin and consequently decrease instances of greasiness or acne outbreaks. Similar to vitamins E, A and C, adequate amounts of these minerals can be found in most multivitamins.

If you are unable to include adequate amounts of these vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, you might consider a few types of skin supplements. Taking a multivitamin every day is a good start, because it will provide you with most of the discussed nutrients. In addition, biotin and omega-3 fatty acids are widely available in pharmacies and health food stores, and they can be taken daily to improve skin health. Some companies sell special supplements that claim to promote skin health. Before selecting one of these specialty products, make sure you check the label to make sure that it contains significant amounts of the necessary ingredients.


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Post 4

@ocelot60- I have been told that pycnogenol can potentially cause upset stomach, but I have not had any problems from taking it. If you experience stomach upset after taking it, I think that taking it with food will help.

Post 3

@heavanet- Thank you for the information! Pycnogenol sounds very promising, and I think I'd like to give it a try. Do you know if it causes any side effects?

Post 2

@ocelot60- Have you ever tried pycnogenol? It is a supplement that is made from the bark of the French maritime pine tree, and is known for making the skin appear younger, firmer, and more moisturized. I agree with you that anyone who would like to try it or any other skin supplement should first check with a doctor. However, once given the approval to take it, most people find that pycnogenol works very well.

There are many brands and formulas of pycnogenol, so it is very important to make sure that you get the right kind before taking it. You can do this by making sure that the brand you get is made form French maritime pines.

Post 1

I have found that taking fish oil supplements with vitamin E makes your skin feel extra soft and supple. I take both as directed. However, anyone considering taking any types of supplements should check with his or her doctor first.

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