How do I Choose the Best Skin Ointment?

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Choosing the best skin ointment is usually a matter of personal or physician choice. Skin ointment is a special combination of organic, health, beauty or medicinal ingredients, usually in a petroleum oil base. This gives skin ointment a thicker, less water-soluble formula that stays on the surface of the body longer so that the ingredients can work more effectively to treat a wide variety of problems. Getting the best ointment often involves selecting the type that is meant to treat the problem you may have.

There are many natural and organic skin ointments that are designed to treat skin problems such as dryness, scaling, cracking, rashes and itching. These skin ointments are applied topically to the surface of the skin and left on for several hours to allow the beneficial ingredients to sink into the skin. In some cases, heat or wrapping can significantly increase the results in the skin when combined with ointments.


A second type of skin ointment you may choose from are those marketed as beauty products. Petroleum-based beauty products are readily available in markets to serve a variety of skin or aging issues. When used on the face, hands, feet or other troubled areas of the body, skin ointments can serve to reduce the look of wrinkles, dry skin and aging spots which are undesired by consumers. If you find that the regular lotions and creams that you are using aren’t as affective, then perhaps a beauty regime that includes skin ointments may do the trick.

In addition to beauty products, there are a wide range of skin ointments that are designed for health purposes and can be purchased over the counter in retail and drug stores. Consumers may choose to treat annoying skin ailments such as fungal problems, rashes and sores by using skin ointments which include low levels of government-approved medicinal ingredients. By choosing a skin ointment, you may be able to eliminate the need to see a physician for common minor health problems such as fungal infections, surface contact rashes, abrasions and dry skin.

If a medical condition persists or gets worse, then a visit to the doctor is required which may result in the need to use a stronger, medically-approved skin ointment. This is usually given in the form of a sample or a prescription that will be provided by the doctor. Medical skin ointments contain specially formulated chemicals and antibiotics suspended in an oily base. The active ingredients have been proven to treat varying levels of medical conditions from burns, cuts and scrapes to more serious viral infections in the skin, scalp, eyes and soft tissue areas of the body.


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Post 3

I just discovered the best skin ointment for acne. It’s zinc oxide ointment. I apply it all over my face (or just on pimples as a spot treatment) before I go to bed. In the morning, I find that my pimples have dried up and my skin is matte and soft. I wish I had found this great remedy before. It works so much better than some acne treatments.

I even used it once as a skin rash ointment and it worked for that as well.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- For dry skin, you should use ointments with natural moisturizers because these work well and the effects last longer. These natural moisturizers may be ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter or lanolin.

Particularly lanolin is a great ingredient. You can also find dry skin ointments and salves that are 100% pure lanolin. Lanolin is the fat that is obtained from sheep’s fur. It’s a common ingredient in baby rash creams because of its water resistant properties. It’s also often used by farmers as a heavy duty hand salve. I’m sure that lanolin will help with irritated skin as well. But if you want an ointment that can prevent friction, then that’s a different type of product.

Post 1

What is the best skin healing ointment for dryness and for irritation caused by friction?

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