How do I Choose the Best Skin Illuminator?

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Skin illuminators are also known as skin enhancers, brighteners and shimmer creams. They are used to brighten skin, draw attention away from imperfections and add a healthy glow to the skin of the wearer. Illuminators contain tiny particles resembling glitter, which capture light and make the skin appear to sparkle. There are several types of skin illuminators, including powders, creams, lotions and those containing salicylic acid. The best skin illuminator is often determined by skin type.

People with oily skin often prefer to use a powdered skin illuminator. This is due to the fact that oily skin is often caused by enlarged pores which collect liquid makeup, causing blemishes to develop. Powdered brighteners absorb oil from the skin, reducing shine and adding a matte appearance. The glitter particles in the illuminator provide the shine-free skin with a healthy glow.

A skin illuminating cream is ideal for people with dry skin. It provides moisturizing benefits while also enhancing the natural beauty of the skin. When skin is dry, powder tends to collect in the cracks, causing it to look scaly. Shimmer cream can also be mixed with makeup, adding an elegant appearance, while still hiding imperfections.


Shimmer lotions work well for those who want to achieve a glamorous look without the feel of makeup. This type of skin illuminator can be used all over the body to brighten up one's appearance. Most shimmer lotions are available in scented versions as well as fragrance-free for those with sensitive skin.

Skin illuminators are also available with salicylic acid. This type of brightener works well for people who are prone to acne or blackheads. When applied, this skin illuminator acts as a topical acne treatment, drying out pimples and blackheads while still providing a glamorous appearance to the wearer.

These types of skin enhancers are available in a wide variety of colors and shades to accommodate everyone. Bright colors such as shades of blue, pink and orange work well for pale skinned individuals, while warm and earth tones are ideal for medium and dark skin. Skin illuminators are also available in translucent or pearl versions for individuals who just want to enjoy the shimmer. Neutral, warm and translucent shades are most commonly worn on the face, while bright colors are often used to highlight specific areas of the body, such as the collarbone.

In addition to the colors, there are also a variety of applicator styles. Skin enhancers are available in sprays, roll-ons, spritzers, and even tubes with applicator wands. The type of applicator style to use depends upon where it is being applied. Sprays work great for entire body applications while enhancers with wands are efficient for applying in distinct locations, such as around the eyes.


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Post 2

@heavanet- Thanks for the tips! Another neat trick to try when using a skin illuminator is to apply it on your chest and shoulders on a warm day. When you put it in these areas, you will add contrast to your skin color and give yourself a healthy-looking glow.

Post 1

A few helpful tips for using a light colored, shimmery illuminator on the face is to apply it in areas that give your face a rested, brightened appearance. These makeup trick work by complimenting the other colors you use on your face and by placing it in just the right areas to provide highlights.

To perk up your eyes, place the illuminator on your brow bone after applying eyebrow color and eye shadow. To give your cheek bones a boost, try brushing it around the corner of your eyes and up towards your temples. Another neat trick for using an illuminator around your eyes is to place a white, shimmery eye shadow in the corners. This provides a pretty effect that will make your eyes appear wider and larger.

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