How Do I Choose the Best Silver Comb?

Patti Kate

When choosing a silver comb, consider the occasion for which it is intended, as well as the recipient. For example, a silver comb for a baby shower gift can include several features, such as personalization or the option of choosing a gift set. For a decorative comb that will be treasured as a keepsake, it's best to shop at a specialty store that can customize your order. Choosing a silver comb for a girl, boy, man, or woman will be other options available to you. The quality of the silver is important as well, so choose a comb that is manufactured with the highest standards of sterling silver available.

Antique silver combs may be found at a flea market.
Antique silver combs may be found at a flea market.

If you're buying a silver comb as a gift for a young child, choose one designed for a boy or girl. Keepsake combs and brushes for children will vary in style according to gender. For a little boy, you might prefer keeping the design simple and basic by choosing a plain military-style silver comb and brush set. The polished back can be engraved for personalization. Initials can be engraved on a comb, while a full name or short message might fit on a silver brush.

Keepsake silver comb and brush sets are traditional baby shower gifts.
Keepsake silver comb and brush sets are traditional baby shower gifts.

A silver comb for a little girl may offer more options, as there are various styles that can make her feel like a princess. If it is meant for a gift, choose a set that comes packed in a lined gift box. Some sets come packaged in a wood music box, making an impressive display. A gift box may be customized with a special message or theme, for special occasions such as a christening. Enhance the comb or comb and brush set by having it engraved with her initials.

Antique silver combs are nice to save and pass down through generations. You might be able to find a very old antique silver comb at an auction or flea market. Additionally, you might find antique silver combs designed to wear as hair accessories. These may add elegance and style to wedding attire, or make an unusual bridesmaid gift.

If an antique comb is very old, however, it may need to be restored. Some antique combs can be restored to their original luster with polish made for sterling silver. Heavy rust stains or tarnish may not be able to be removed, so look it over carefully. Also, inspect the antique silver comb for signs of scuff marks or dents.

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