How Do I Choose the Best Silicone Lubricant Spray?

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To choose the most effective silicone lubricant spray, you should consider the purpose for which you need it and then choose the lubricant matching that purpose. The endurance of the lubricant for the task at hand is the main consideration. If the correct silicon polymer is not chosen, it might cause the part you are lubricating to fail. Different products are formulated for different tasks, so you cannot switch one for the other.

A silicone lubricant spray has many uses around the house, garage and yard. All lubricants are not created equal, so it is important to research the product you are considering, or you might be doing more harm than good to the parts you are lubricating. It might be like throwing your money away if you buy a household lubricant product that does not outlast the repair. A silicone spray is perfect for creaky doors, stuck drawers, zippers and even children’s toys. It can be used in children’s rooms because it is non-toxic and safe. In addition, silicone products can remove chewing gum and other marks from solid surfaces.


Silicone lubricants are also water repellent, so silicone grease is the best choice to lubricate stop taps and plastic fittings when repairing plumbing. A silicone lubricant spray or grease should not be used with silicone rubber because, when combined, they tend to break down over time. Quick-drying sprays, fluids and emulsions are used in the food industry where regular toxic lubricants could come in contact with food. They are used to grease the moving parts in food processing machinery because they are deemed safe and do not transfer to the finished food product.

Make sure to read the label on the silicone lubricant spray container before buying it. Petroleum distillates in some sprays will cause plastic parts to disintegrate over time and are corrosive to hoses and seals. There are some brands that contain these petroleum products that might say they lubricate but actually have only a very small amount of silicone in them. These products are generally good only for cleaning metal and loosening rust.

If you want to lubricate parts in an engine, you should consider the temperature that the engine can reach when it's running. Some general-use silicone lubricants tend to break down at high temperatures over a period of time, so a silicone lubricant spray for an engine job might not last. A silicone grease made specifically for engine repair would be more efficient.


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Post 3

@heavanet- Yes, silicone lubricant spray is safe to use. Just make sure that you use an old rag to catch any excess, and wipe off any that drips around the hinges.

Post 2

@heavanet- I think it will be fine if you use silicone lubricant spray for your squeaky doors, even if you do have kids and pets around the house. Since you will be using it in areas that are out of reach, you should be fine.

If you do feel better using a natural lubricant, try vegetable oil. I have used it for this purpose, and it works fine.

Post 1

I'm curious if silicone spray is safe to use around animals and children. I have some squeaky doors that I want to fix, but I'm concerned bout using anything with silicone in it.

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