How do I Choose the Best Signature Stamps?

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When choosing the best signature stamps, it is important to consider how the stamps will be used and how clear the signatures ought to be. These two factors will determine whether the stamps ought to be self-inking stamps and how much money should be invested to make sure that the stamps create clear replicas of one's signature. The more official the purpose of signature stamps, the more important it is that they create an exact or nearly exact replica of one's signature. The more frequently signature stamps are used, the more likely it is that they ought to be self-inking stamps.

If one is planning on using a signature stamp just for casual correspondence, then it may not be necessary to purchase a self-inking stamp. Instead, the stamp can simply be inked using an ink pad. One of the benefits of this system is that the color of the ink can be changed at will. Someone planning on using a signature stamp in order to sign seasonal correspondence can choose ink colors that match the traditional color scheme of each season or holiday.


Those who are planning on using signature stamps on a regular basis and are planning on using these stamps in rapid succession may prefer self-inking stamps. This will allow them to emboss documents with a signature with a single motion, which can make the process much faster. In most cases, it is best to use a standard ink color on self-inking signature stamps. Blue and black are best.

Signature stamps that will be used on official documents should provide very accurate replicas of the bearers' signatures. This means working with a company that has the capacity to make stamps in fine detail. The finer the details on signature stamps, the clearer and more accurate they will be when used to make prints. Be sure, however, that a stamped signature is acceptable before using this signature method on any official documents.

Some people may choose to add additional personalization details to their signature stamps. Icons, graphics, or even words can be added to signature stamps so that they frame or accent the signature itself. A business owner, for example, may decide to have her business logo included to the left of her signature when she has a signature stamp made.


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Post 3

Well it works great for someone that has to sign a lot of documents such as payroll checks.

Post 2

@Soulfox -- I can think of several very good reasons to use a rubber stamp. What if you are dealing with a company that signs a slew of documents every day and the owner gives his staff authority to review those documents and sign his name to them? In those cases, he would need some custom rubber stamps with his name on them so his workers could do their jobs.

There are other reasons, of course, but there is one legitimate and important use for the use of signature stamps.

Post 1

I just hate the idea of using rubber stamps for signatures. Why not just get a pen, take a second and sign your name with a (gasp!) actual signature. There is really no good reason to rely on a stamp unless you are just as lazy as can be.

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