How Do I Choose the Best Shower Valance?

Mary Ellen Popolo

A shower valance is hung on a window within the shower or tub area of a bathroom. There are several things you will need to take into consideration in order to choose the right one. Finding one that matches both your shower curtain and the overall decor of your bathroom should be a priority. Other important factors are the fabric used to make the valance, whether or not it needs to offer privacy, and how it will be hung on the window.

Woman posing
Woman posing

When shopping for a shower valance, select one that coordinates with your bathroom decor. Pick a style, color or pattern that complements the shower curtain as well as the overall bathroom decor and color scheme. If you have other windows in the bathroom you can choose a valance that matches the other curtains. Privacy may also be a concern, and if so, then select a valance that will prevent people from seeing into your shower but that admits natural light.

Fabric is an important factor since bathrooms are known for being moist, damp, and humid. Choosing a fabric that is mildew resistant will keep moisture at bay, which will aid in avoiding mold and mildew problems. A shower valance that is machine washable is a plus since you can wash and dry it frequently.

A traditional curtain rod can be used to hang your shower valance if there is a regular window in the shower. If the window is smaller than average or set into a shower insert, special methods may be needed to hang a curtain rod. For a small window, a small, altered or custom made valance may be needed. Measuring the window beforehand will help you make sure that you choose the correct size valance.

In addition to being a window curtain, a shower valance can also be hung together with a shower curtain to add some decorative flair. Some styles of shower curtain come with an attached valance, both usually made out of the same material. There are many choices in the design of the valance portion of the shower curtain, including tailored, scalloped, pleated, and balloon. If an all-in-one shower curtain valance combination doesn't meet your needs, there is always the option of hanging regular window valances with the shower curtain, though they may need to be hung on a separate tension rod.

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