How Do I Choose the Best Shower Pouf?

Judith Smith Sullivan

The best shower pouf will fit into your budget and meet your practical and aesthetic needs. There are several types of shower poufs, including natural and synthetic varieties, as well as those with handles. Poufs are also known as loofahs. They are typically inexpensive, and can be found at most stores that sell personal hygiene products.

A shower head.
A shower head.

There are basically two types of poufs: natural and synthetic. Natural poufs can be made from sisal, hemp, sea sponge, or other fibers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are typically a little more expensive than synthetic poufs. One advantage is that many natural sea sponges are resistant to mildew and usually less irritating to sensitive skin.

Sea sponges are typically resistant to mildew.
Sea sponges are typically resistant to mildew.

Synthetic shower poufs are a very common and inexpensive bath accessory. You can usually replace a synthetic shower pouf three or four times for the cost of a natural one. Although not resistant to mildew, they are machine washable but must be hung to dry.

Both natural and synthetic poufs are available with handles. A long handled shower pouf is excellent for hard to reach areas, like the back. A short or no-handled pouf is good for traveling.

There are many funky and cute designs for shower poufs. Natural poufs are available online and through catalogs in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and many synthetic poufs have quirky designs that incorporate cute animals or other themes. You can chose a style based purely on functionality, but in many cases, you can find a pouf which is also beautiful and that blends in with your decor.

When you chose a shower pouf, consider your needs. If you have limited space in your shower, choose a pouf with an attached string so that you can hang it up. If you would like to use a pouf on your face and body, purchase two separate poufs. Facial poufs are smaller and gentler on delicate skin. For the ecologically conscious consumer, natural and recycled plastic poufs are the best choice.

Be sure to decide how much you are willing to spend on a pouf and to stick to that amount. Poufs have to be replaced every few months, so take that into consideration while you are shopping. If you shop online, calculate shipping and handling into the final cost. Try to find a retailer who guarantees their products and has a generous return policy.

Although not resistant to mildew, most synthetic shower poufs are machine washable.
Although not resistant to mildew, most synthetic shower poufs are machine washable.

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Some people are allergic to sisal or other kinds of poufs, so make sure you pick a pouf that isn't too tough on your skin, and that doesn't irritate it.

Exfoliating is good, but it's not good to use a pouf that does a lot of exfoliation every day, unless your skin is very, very flaky. Even then, caution is advised.

Be especially careful when using a facial pouf. When the Buf Puf came out, I went overboard with it on my face and my skin got red and irritated and I had to deal with it for about three days. I'd recommend a nylon pouf for the face. It's difficult to scrub too hard with one of those.

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