How do I Choose the Best Shower Fixtures?

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You can choose the best shower fixtures by finding a set that matches your style and the way you get clean. Take into consideration how you interact with shower fixtures and what features make the experience a more enjoyable one. Shower fixtures are often sold in matching sets that include water controls, a bath faucet, and a shower head. Some shower heads are mounted in a fixed position with only slightly adjustable directional flow, while others are on hoses that allow the user to move them to almost any angle. Create a better bathing experience by finding the shower fixtures that make your life easier and complement the look of your bathroom.

The new set of shower fixtures needs to be compatible with the current plumbing to avoid costly repairs. Evaluate the plumbing coming into the shower or the current fixture setup. Measure the size and distance between the faucet, knobs, and shower head to make sure there will be sufficient room for the replacement pieces. Lavatory fixtures may have individual knobs for hot and cold water or consolidated controls that group these functions into a single knob.


Carry a picture of the shower and surrounding bathroom with you when searching for new shower fixtures. The styles and finishes of fixtures are varied and abundant. Referencing the photo can keep you in touch with the decor you are attempting to accentuate. Many bathrooms have plumbing fixtures on the sink and toilet that match those in the shower. Go with the style that you feel will work best for the look of the shower you are outfitting.

Shower fixtures include many different types of shower heads that deliver water in a variety of ways. Look closely at the shower head types from each shower fixture set you are considering. Water flow into the shower is determined by the design of the shower head. Adjustable shower heads often allow the user to change the number and thickness of streams and amount of water pressure. Some massaging shower heads even break the water jets into an intermittent pulse to soothe aching muscles.

Added features like scratch protection and lifetime warranties can add value to a set of shower fixtures. Read the outside of the box to see what features are built into each set before making a final choice. Make the final selection decision based on the perceived value of the set and how well it meets your needs.


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