How Do I Choose the Best Short Gray Hair Style?

H. Bliss

Choosing a short gray hair style can be tricky because no single look works for everyone. Taking care in catering the cut and color of the style to the natural features a person has can help create a flattering short look for almost anyone. When choosing a short gray hair style, it is good to start by choosing a length that is comfortable and convenient for you. Once a length range has been chosen, you can choose a shape that highlights the natural beauty of your facial structure. Another important step in choosing a good short gray hair style is to pick a color that is flattering to your skin and wardrobe colors.

Hair styling products.
Hair styling products.

The right haircut can help draw the eye toward attractive features and cover up or detract from features that the wearer finds less desirable. Convenience has a lot to do with choosing the right short gray hair cut. A chin-length short cut can be more versatile for someone who does not mind doing some styling, while a short cropped cut can be cooler in hot climates and easier to style on the go.

When choosing a shade of gray for your short gray hair style, consider the color of your skin and what colors look good on you. If your skin has a pinkish undertone, it can be best to choose grays with blue undertones to complement your skin. For warm-toned skin with yellow or orange accents or undertones, choose a dusty, yellow-based gray to ensure that the color looks good for your skin.

Makeup can be important when deciding on the right gray hair undertones. If you tend to wear cool colors like black blue or green, choose cool undertones for your color of gray. Golden grays go best with warm brown makeup looks.

Another thing to consider when choosing a short gray hair style is the level of care and maintenance needed for the style. Caring for gray hair can be different, depending on whether it is naturally gray or dyed gray. The steps needed to care for gray hair also depend on the shade of gray.

For dyed hair, dark colors are usually less hassle, but may require more touch-ups on natural gray hair that is resistant to dyes. Light shades of gray can be sensitive to chemicals, and may end up with a green tint after too long in pool water. If you go swimming frequently, it may be best to opt for darker short gray hair to avoid problems with pool water discoloration.

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