How do I Choose the Best Shoes for Zumba&Reg;?

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Choosing the best shoes for Zumba® means getting athletic footwear that is comfortable and durable enough to enjoy this dance exercise. Zumba® is a Latin-jazz fusion style of dance combined with low-impact aerobics. It’s generally recommended that shoes for Zumba® should be geared for both dance and exercise. They should feature a multi-directional foundation for feet, plenty of cushioning for leg and back support, plus a lightweight tread to allows user to feel the floor while exercising to music.

When selecting the right shoes to participate in Zumba®, think about how the moves will be made throughout a session. Zumba® moves are in a back-and-forth motion, with movements to all sides, rapid leg and foot patterns, and plenty of hip motion. Choose shoes that can hold up under these conditions without getting caught up or tripping up the wearer. Many Zumba® instructors recommend a cross-trainer type shoe that has a flexible sole that is wider at the base along the heel for better balance during this active workout.

Several types of shoes for Zumba® are specially manufactured for this type of dance-exercise. They are made by major dance and athletic shoe companies and feature colorful designs. Obviously, choose a shoe style that is functional as well being aesthetically appealing.


Choosing the right shoes for Zumba® activities depends on how active you are and how often this exercise is done in a week. Shoes can be selected based on durability and comfort. This can mean selecting a shoe made from high-quality materials like leather, which can last longer and adjust to the wearer’s feet with regular use.

When extra back or leg support is needed, consider using shoes for Zumba® that feature additional cushioning and foot instep foundations. In addition, shoe inserts can be purchased to wear along with Zumba® shoes anytime a little extra support is needed. If a Zumba® session results in hip, leg, or lower back pain, this can be a sign that additional support or a different style of dance or athletic shoe is needed. Consider switching to a more supportive athletic sneaker or cross-fit shoe to provide more bracing while exercising.


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Post 3

@sobeit - Zumba Gold dance classes are definitely toned down, compared to Zumba Basic classes.

Personally, I wouldn't take the chance of wearing a shoe that could cause you to stumble or increase your chances for injury. If you're planning to take Zumba Gold classes for a while, you might as well have the right shoes.

Also, once you fall in love with Zumba Gold, you'll want to eventually move up to Zumba Basic classes. And then you'll have a shoe you're already comfortable dancing in.

Post 2

If I take Zumba Gold dance classes, should I still spend the money on an expensive Zumba shoe? Not saying I'd wear cheap shoes, but I don't want to waste my money if I can get away with it.

Post 1

I found the best shoes for zumba after injuring my ankle in my regular athletic shoes. Once I found the right shoe, my whole zumba experience changed. I could really move with more abandon without worrying about re-injuring my ankle.

The shoe I discovered is a perfect dance shoe for zumba. I bought a pair at a local dance supply store. They are regular dance shoes but have two circles on the bottom. These two raised circles make it easy to move to the music, twisting and changing directions quickly. The support for the whole foot is comfortable and super dependable.

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