How do I Choose the Best Shoes for Swollen Feet?

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There are many different factors to consider if you are trying to find the perfect shoes for swollen feet. You will need shoes that can accommodate your feet at all stages of swelling while also providing comfort throughout the day. Shoes that close with Velcro® may be best for swelling feet because you can adjust them to be comfortable as your feet swell up. You should also try to find shoes that have lots of room in the toe area as well as shoes that are very soft and padded on the inside. Breathable shoes are also a good idea, because your feet will be more likely to sweat as fluid builds up inside them.

One of the main reasons it's so hard to wear regular shoes for swollen feet is because you never know what size your feet are going to be. The size shoe you need depends entirely on how much your feet swell up, and you can't always know to what extent they will swell. This is why it's typically a good idea to select shoes that are made of a very stretchy material. You'll also need to look for shoes that close with Velcro® so you can be sure your shoes are secure to your feet no matter how much they swell up.


If you need shoes for swollen feet, try not to pick out shoes that are simply a few sizes larger than what you normally wear. You can't be sure that your feet will swell to a size large enough that these shoes would fit comfortably, and you might end up going around in shoes that are much too large, which can be almost as uncomfortable as wearing shoes that are too tight. In addition to finding shoes that have Velcro® closures and are made of a stretchy material, check to see that there is adequate room in the toe area. As your feet swell, your toes are likely to start hurting inside your shoes before anything else does because many people wear shoes that don't have enough room in the toe area. If your feet regularly swell up, you need shoes that have at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of extra room beyond your longest toe.

When you buy shoes for swollen feet, check to be sure that the inside of the shoes you choose are very padded and comfortable. As your feet swell, they will be much more prone to blistering and irritation from any roughness or protrusions on the inside of your shoes. The tongue, sole, and insole of the shoes you select should be smooth and well padded. If you cannot find shoes for swollen feet that meet this criteria at your local shoe store, you can shop online for orthopedic shoes specifically designed for swelling feet.


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Post 3

The list of swollen feet causes is a long one, so specific treatment is based on the cause, however, soaking your feet in warm salt water is a good way to reduce some of the swelling in most cases. Also, in addition you looking for special shoes, you should seek out special socks that allow for better circulation in the foot.

Socks with elastic around the top are notorious for reducing circulation and causing the feet to swell.

Post 2

I'm not recommending this, but I have shoes in various sizes because I want to be sure to have something to wear when I am experiencing swollen feet. I have this problem at least once a month and before I started buying pairs of larger shoes to keep in my closet, there were days when I could not get a shoe on my foot. This was a big problem when I absolutely had to be some place.

As I said, I'm not saying my little solution is the best, but it has helped me on more than one occasion.

Post 1

My grandmother has diabetes. One of the symptoms she has is swelling feet. This is a common condition that goes along with the disease. It seems like her feet are swollen much more than they are their normal size.

One day when she was at the drug store, she was talking with her pharmacist about her condition and he suggested she try a special type of shoe that was designed for people with diabetes. The shoes are beneficial in several ways, including that they help promote good circulation in the feet. They allow the feet to breathe and provide good support, too.

Originally, diabetic shoes had a basic design and there was little variety in color or style

. However, that has changed, so finding a pair that suits your taste is easier than it once was. Also, someone came to my grandmother's house and thoroughly measured her feet, so the shoes would fit perfectly. After the measurements were taken, she had to wait a couple weeks before she received the shoes through the mail.

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