How do I Choose the Best Shoe Bench?

Nychole Price

Many people use shoe benches for the purpose of putting on and taking off shoes, and for the organization of shoes. You can find them in the mud room, by the front door or on the porch. There are several styles of the shoe bench, including the basic bench, shoe storage chest, entryway shoe shelf, sports storage bench, and the mission-style storage bench with drawers.

A shoe bench in a mud room is generally low and rectangular to provide a place to sit and remove shoes.
A shoe bench in a mud room is generally low and rectangular to provide a place to sit and remove shoes.

Basic shoe benches are often placed on the porch for a person to sit down and take off, or put on, their shoes. This type of bench is backless and consists of a flat seat, held up by four legs. It is narrow enough to place in a hallway or by the front door, should the owner decide to do so. Basic benches are usually made of pine and cost less than $100 US Dollars (USD.)

The shoe storage chest is a fancier style of shoe bench. It has a bench for sitting and shoe storage cubbies underneath for organization purposes. The average shoe bench holds between nine to 12 pairs of shoes. This style bench is often deeper, meaning it will not fit in most hallways comfortably. The shoe storage chest is sold in all different types of woods, with the average bench costing around $250 USD.

Entryway shoe shelves are another one of the several styles of shoe benches. They have two sliding shelves and one fixed shelf underneath the bench for storing shoes. The amount of shoes this style of shoe bench will fit depends upon the sizes of the shoes. There is a lip in the back of the shelves to prevent the shoes from falling to the back. This style of shoe bench is usually made of pine and costs approximately $150 USD.

Sports storage benches are usually kept in the garage. They are most often used for the putting on and removal of cleats. The top of these shoe benches lift up, allowing for the organization of sporting equipment. The open cage construction of the sports storage bench allows sweaty sports gear to air out. This style of shoe bench usually costs less than $100 USD.

Mission style storage benches are the grandaddy of all shoe benches. This style of shoe bench can accommodate up to 24 pairs of shoes, making it perfect for large families. Many versions of the mission style bench are tall with coat hooks, allowing for the storage of jackets and umbrellas. Because of the size and beauty of the mission style bench, it can cost as much as $1,000 USD.

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There are a variety of shoe benches on the market. Most of them are cheaply made junk coming from China made from either formaldehyde filled particle board or junk wood with a heavy stain. Check out the quality American Made shoe benches from Woodistry. These are made to last a lifetime.

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