How do I Choose the Best Shiatsu Massager?

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When shopping for the best shiatsu massager, there are many things to consider. The price, convenience, and features should be carefully weighed. Ideally, the best shiatsu massager will provide maximum comfort and relief for the individual using it. Generally, it should also be user-friendly and affordable.

The best shiatsu massager depends on individual taste. To be considered effective, it should generally fit the person using it. A taller or shorter person will receive different massages from the same product due to the point where the massaging elements are physically located on each person. Massagers with high backs can provide a full back and neck massage for a shorter person, whereas a taller person may only receive a massage up to his or her shoulders.

Features are another major consideration. Heat is often a good way to help muscles relax for a massager to do its job. Many shiatsu massagers offer a heat function to be used with the massage for maximum effectiveness. Massagers often provide low, mid, upper, and full back features to allow consumers to customize their massages.

A shiatsu massager can typically be found in mat form to be placed as needed on the chair of your choice. This also makes the massager portable; a massage can be provided in a favorite chair or room or taken on a trip. The best shiatsu massager often features a strap designed to secure the massager to the chair to provide stability.


Shiatsu massagers are also available in chair form, in a desk chair or recliner. These are considerably less portable than a mat, but highly effective for someone using a chair all day at the office, or at home in a favorite room. Full shiatsu chair massagers generally provide full back massages with heat and remote control functions.

The best shiatsu massager will typically provide a long enough cord to reach a nearby outlet. Ideally, the massager will also feature a remote control, which eliminates the need to fumble for controllers on the body of the chair. Many massagers provide a handy pocket to house the remote control for safety when the chair or mat is not being used.

Shiatsu massagers are typically automated to shut off after a specified length of time. They commonly operate for 15 to 20 minute intervals. In general, the mechanics of the massagers require the motors to rest to avoid burning out. The operations manual is an excellent source to help determine how long the unit must cool off before resuming massage.


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