How Do I Choose the Best Shed Roofing Materials?

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One of the most important aspects of building a durable outdoor shed is selecting the correct shed roofing materials. Choosing a quality material can help to keep stored items safe from rain and other elements, while choosing a poor material could result in damage to those items. When considering which type of roofing material to choose, there are five primary possibilities. These include wood shingles, corrugated iron, mineral roof felt, standing seam metal, and clay tiles.

Wood shingles are one of the more traditional shed roofing materials. There are a few varieties available, including white cedar and red cedar. In general, wood shingles are relatively inexpensive and provide a vintage look. They are also surprisingly durable, and can last for years if treated properly. Wood shingles generally don't work well in locations with high rainfall, however, because of the tendency for mold growth.

Another possibility is using corrugated iron. This style usually has its own distinct, wavy appearance. Using corrugated iron for shed roofing is beneficial because of its lightweight, durable nature. In addition, this is one of the easier shed roofing materials to install.


A mineral felt roof is another option that tends to be inexpensive. As a result, many pre-assembled sheds on the market come with this type of roofing. While a mineral felt roof does a decent job of keeping water out of a shed, it's not very durable. In fact, this type of roofing has the shortest lifespan when compared to other shed roofing materials. In most cases, a mineral felt roof will need to be replaced in about five years.

For people who don't want to deal with a complicated installation process, a standing seam metal roof often works well. Unlike some other materials, a standing seam metal roof can be set up without specialized tools or equipment. These roofs are also quite durable and work well in cold locations with significant snow and ice. The drawback is that they tend to be rather expensive.

An additional possibility for shed roofing materials is clay tile. This is a good option if the individual wants a custom look as the tiles come in a wide range of styles and colors. It is also one of the more natural or organic materials, and is often made from terra cotta. While pricing is usually at the higher end of the spectrum, the quality is also high, and many clay tile roofs can last upwards of 50 years.


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Post 3

One of my neighbors builds sheds and playhouses from old barn wood. The old wood is more fragile than new treated wood, so he wraps the barns in tin. This protects the wood. He also uses tin on the roofs and they last much longer than 5 years, and you don't have to worry about making roof repairs every few months either.

Post 2

@Feryll - I agree that having to replace a shed roof after 5 years is not the ideal situation. You might want to try spraying a protective roof coating on the mineral felt roof. The coating can help protect the roof against the damage that comes from being in the weather.

The coating is supposed to be really good at deflecting water. The coating is an extra cost, but it is much less expensive than replacing a roof.

Post 1

We're having a shed built at our house. Originally we wanted to have one built from scratch by a professional builder. This way we would have been able to have the building designed exactly how we want it. We are going to use it for a combination storage shed and workshop.

After having a builder come out, look at where we wanted to build, and give us an idea of how much we would have to pay, we decided the cost was too much. Considering what we wanted the price he quoted us was fair, but it was also more than we can afford to pay at this time.

I ended up finding a company online that will

come out to our house and build the shed from the ground up, and they will do this in one day. The price is reasonable, but after reading this article I am concerned about the roofing material they use. They put on a mineral felt roof, and this article says this type of roof may need replacing in as little as five years. That seems way too soon to have to replace the roof, but I guess that's one reason the price is lower.

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