How Do I Choose the Best Shaving Cream Warmer?

Emily Espinoza

To choose the best shaving cream warmer, decide what style of warmer you like the best, what type of shaving cream you want to use, and how much heat you want. Shaving cream warmers all have the same purpose, but there are a few ways to go about accomplishing it. The type of shaving cream you use may determine which warmer you need because some of them are meant for certain types of shaving cream. Shaving cream warmers heat up in different ways and with varying levels of efficiency.

Some shaving cream warmers take longer to heat up than others.
Some shaving cream warmers take longer to heat up than others.

Possibly the most common type of shaving cream warmer is a hollow canister with a spout on the top into which you insert a can of shaving cream. This type of warmer heats up the entire can so that the product is warm when it is dispensed. Another version is a more universal model that is meant to be attached to the top of any can of shaving cream and to heat up the product as it is coming out. A third type is used in nail salons and massage businesses to heat up lotion and oil, but it can also be used in the home. These warmers consist of a compartment that the bottle sits in.

Warm shaving cream can make leg shaving more comfortable.
Warm shaving cream can make leg shaving more comfortable.

Several popular shaving cream warmers are meant to be used with any brand of shaving cream and are designed to fit any standard-sized can. Compare the size of your favorite shaving cream can with the shaving cream warmer to be certain that it fits. Warmers are available that are meant to be used with their own specific type of shaving cream. This type of design might work more effectively, but will also require you to buy that specific shaving cream. Check to see whether the cream you want to use comes out as a lather or as a gel first because some warmers are meant for gels and others work only with lathers.

Some warmers can heat up the shaving cream in a minute or less while others take several minutes. Also, one shaving cream warmer might keep the cream warm for some time after it is heated up while others turn off after only a couple of minutes and let the shaving cream cool back down. Think about how hot you want the shaving cream to be and how long you want it to stay that way. Then look for a warmer that can handle those heating needs.

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What is the advantage to using a shaving cream warmer? Will I get a closer shave if I use warm shaving cream?

I am eager to know because I have been getting terrible razor burn lately. If I used hot shaving cream do you think it would help?


I would talk to a barber about this question. They use shaving cream warmers in their professional life and are in a position to recommend the best one for you.

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