How Do I Choose the Best Shaving Cream Heater?

Madeleine A.

Choosing the best shaving cream heater is dependent upon budget, type of shaving cream being used, and desired features. Some units can accommodate all brands of shaving cream, while others are only compatible with their own brands. In addition, certain brands of shaving cream heaters may only accommodate shaving creams, while another units may accommodate shaving gels.

Using a new shaving cream can cause skin irritation and breakouts.
Using a new shaving cream can cause skin irritation and breakouts.

One type of shaving cream warmer may keep the product warm for extended periods of time, while another unit may keep the shaving cream warm for only a few minutes. Furthermore, a shaving cream heater might warm up an entire can of product, while another may only warm the shaving cream when it is dispensed from the unit. Prices can vary, and usually depend on the brand and featured options. In addition, a shaving cream heater can usually be purchased at a retail store, pharmacy, or beauty supply store.

Warm shaving cream can make leg shaving more comfortable.
Warm shaving cream can make leg shaving more comfortable.

A person who is sensitive to new products may prefer a shaving cream heater that is compatible with all brands of shaving creams, as opposed to those units that only accommodate their own brands. Using a new shaving cream may cause skin irritation and breakouts. In addition, some people cannot tolerate extremes in temperature, so warm or hot shaving cream may have a negative effect on the skin.

In addition to dispensing shaving cream or gel, some shaving cream warmers are also used to dispense hand lotions. Warm hand lotion dispensers are common to beauty and nail salons and the manufacturer's instructions should be read to determine if using products other than shaving preparations with these is safe. If products other than shaving creams or gels are used, the manufacturer's warranty may be voided.

Shaving cream warmers make great gifts, not only for men, but for women as well. Using warm shaving cream on the legs provides for smoother, more comfortable shave, and may even prevent razor burn and skin abrasions. Using these electric devices near a bathtub may be dangerous, however, because of the risk of electrocution. If, however, the shaving cream heater is one that uses batteries instead of an electrical power source, the unit may be considered safe to use around water.

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