How Do I Choose the Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin?

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When choosing a shaving cream for sensitive skin, there are some ingredients you should look for and others that you should avoid. Some of the most beneficial ingredients include shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamins E and B5. Alcohols, dyes, and detergents can irritate the skin and should be avoided. Fragrances can also cause significant problems for people with dry or sensitive skin.

A shaving cream for sensitive skin commonly includes moisturizing ingredients because keeping skin properly moisturized can help prevent skin irritation. Vitamins B5 and E are particularly popular choices for shaving creams because they reduce the inflammation of already irritated skin, heal damaged skin, and protect the skin from further harm. If your skin is extremely sensitive, make sure that the shaving cream contains both vitamins.

Shea butter and aloe are also common ingredients in shaving cream for sensitive skin. Many skin problems may improve with the use of shea butter, including eczema, rashes, blemishes, and wrinkles. Shea butter both heals and moisturizes the skin. Aloe vera has a number of benefits, including skin-healing properties and the creation of a natural barrier for your skin that prevents damage caused by dangerous toxins. The healing properties of both shea butter and aloe make them particularly popular for use in shaving creams because razors can damage the skin.


A high-quality shaving cream for sensitive skin often will not contain any added fragrance. Sensitive skin usually has a visible reaction, such as a rash or hives, to skin products that have fragrance added. Fragrance oils have natural sounding names but may contain no natural oils at all. Common fragrance oils to avoid include rose, lavender, orange, lemon, lime, cranberry, peppermint, and spearmint. If you want a shaving cream that smells nice and will not irritate your skin, you can try to find products that contain essential oils rather than fragrance oils, but it may be easier if you avoid fragrance altogether.

Purchasing a mild, soap-free shaving cream that does not contain dyes or alcohol may be a good idea as well. Shaving creams designed for sensitive skin usually will be free of detergents and have a lower pH balance than soap, decreasing the likelihood of skin irritation. Dye is a more common ingredient in shaving cream for sensitive skin, but both soap and dye could be included. Check the label carefully to find a product that is dye-free and soap or detergent-free. You should also try to avoid shaving creams with alcohol, such as ethanol, methanol, and ethyl, because they can dry the skin and cause irritation.


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