How Do I Choose the Best Shaving Cream for Acne?

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If you have frequent breakouts, choosing a shaving cream for acne-prone skin is important and can be accomplished by looking online to options and by reading labels to determine which products contains ingredients that will help acne. There may not be a wide variety of shaving cream that treats acne, but you should be able to find options that will not irritate the condition further. Make sure to choose products that don’t contain pore-clogging ingredients or harsh chemicals.

You may be able to find shaving cream for acne to help treat your breakouts as you shave. There are certain ingredients known to help treat acne which may also be compatible with shaving. Although some substances are too harsh for use with a razor since they may irritate or damage skin, others such as tea tree oil have a soothing effect. Tea tree oil in particular is known as both a skin soothing agent as well as an acne treatment because of its antibacterial properties.

If you can’t find shaving cream for acne treatment purposes, you can probably at least find an item that won’t cause a break out. Choose products intended for sensitive skin, and don’t go with oil-based items or gels since these may clog the pores and lead to further breakouts. If you aren’t sure about the ingredients in a particular item, you can research them online or ask your dermatologist for recommendations.


Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your shaving cream is responsible for you breaking. If you are using a shaving cream for acne treatment or prevention and are still experiencing breakouts, it may be your razor rather than your shaving cream. Razors are a hot zone for bacteria, especially if you use the same razor for shaving various areas of your body. To prevent issues, make sure to not share razors, to replace your razor often, and to use separate razors for your face and body.

You may also experience an allergic reaction and confuse these symptoms of this with acne pimples. If you experience extreme redness, hives, or itching, these could be signs of an allergic reaction. Most pimples will have a whitehead in the center, and most are not accompanied by itching.


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