How do I Choose the Best Shabby Chic Chandelier?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best shabby chic chandelier, think about the appropriate look, but also pay close attention to scale. The ceiling height and room size should determine how far down the chandelier will hang as well as how large it can be. A large, vintage-romantic, flea market style of chandelier that hangs way down into a tiny room with a low ceiling is likely to be overwhelming. Similarly, a small shabby chic chandelier in a large living space is probably not going to make enough impact.

People may shop at flea markets when looking for a shabby chic chandelier.
People may shop at flea markets when looking for a shabby chic chandelier.

A good way of estimating the size of chandelier you need is to cut out the approximate shape of a light fixture from thick paper and fasten it with a piece of tape to the existing ceiling light. Experiment with different sizes if necessary until you feel that you've got the best size. When you shop at flea markets or other stores for a shabby chic chandelier, you should bring your folded paper sample with you as a guide to choosing the right size for your room.

Although an all-white painted chandelier can certainly be attractive, you may want to pick one with colored glass accents. Rose-colored glass along with a painted white base can look especially appealing in a shabby chic chandelier, as it embodies a romantic style of old elegance. This type of chandelier may work especially well in a bedroom with pink as an accent color such as in floral curtains or throw pillows on the bed. In general, chandeliers with more than one neutral and one accent color should be avoided or the look may be gaudy rather than quaint.

If you prefer a chandelier with a lot of details, such as crystals or pearls, this usually will look attractive if everything is kept in different whites. If you find an ornately detailed shabby chic chandelier that has too many different colors, painting it all white or with one accent color may make the piece work in your living space. Remember that the more colors there are on the chandelier, the more attention is given to your ceiling. If you don't want to call attention to your ceiling, a shabby chic style of chandelier in a color similar to it is usually the best choice.

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