How do I Choose the Best Security Guard Agencies?

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Choosing the best security guard agency starts with determining what services are needed. Once a clear and concise list of the services needed has been drafted, then a search for local security guard agencies can begin. A thorough background search of the local agencies should be conducted to narrow down the list. The last step in choosing a security guard agency should be to request a personal consultation with a representative.

Security guard agencies offer clients a wide range of services. When choosing an agency, the first consideration is which of those services you need. Among the most frequently offered services are uniformed stationary guards, uniformed roving patrols, and plain clothes officers, as well as vehicles patrols, electronic monitoring, and armored vehicle services for the transportation of currency. The type of business and hours of operation will factor heavily into which services are needed.

Once a list has been compiled of the services required, a search for local security guard agencies that offer services in the area should be conducted. An Internet search will produce a list of local agencies; however, referrals should not be overlooked as a source. Check with nearby business owners or make inquires with local neighborhood watch associations. Local or state business associations may also provide referrals or recommendations.


A thorough investigation of the potential security guard agencies should be conducted at this point. Contact the agency responsible for licensing security companies in the jurisdiction where you are located. Among any other specific questions relevant to your needs, ask how long the company has been in business and whether or not there have been any complaints filed against it. There are also a number of private groups that provide forums and/or information on companies for prospective clients. The more information you are able to gather regarding each security guard company, the better prepared you are to choose the best one.

A personal consultation is the last step necessary to choose the best security guard agency. When the list of possible companies is sufficiently narrowed down, contact each one and ask for a personal consultation. This is generally offered at no cost. Be prepared for the consultation with a list of questions, concerns, and a detailed explanation of the services you require. Aside from questions regarding cost, common areas that should be covered during the consultation include screening procedures for agency employees, emergency contact information, training of employees, relationship with local law enforcement, and length of the contract.


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