How do I Choose the Best Seashell Chandelier?

Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best seashell chandelier, it's helpful to note the main types as well as which kind you prefer and what would best suit your home. Pressed and dangling are two common presentations of seashell chandeliers. There are also the very textured, clustered kinds of chandeliers with many types of seashells glued onto them in an artistic style.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Typically, artist-crafted, clustered seashell chandeliers are tastefully done with similar types of shells placed carefully together in groups. Groups of smaller seashells may be glued all in the same direction on the branch-like arms, or pedestals, of the chandelier, with a lengthwise line being created on each pedestal. This effect can give a seashell chandelier an almost octopus-like appearance. Larger shells are often glued around the light's upper base, while longer seashells may form the center bottom section of the chandelier. When it's completed in different shades of white, a clustered seashell chandelier can fit in with airy, romantic decors or elegant beach-inspired homes.

If your home style is more contemporary than a romantic or beach look, a pressed shell pendant chandelier may work best. These seashell chandeliers are usually streamlined with a geometric light shade hanging from slim metal rods. The lamp shade itself may be cone-shaped, oblong or another type of clean lined geometric figure.

Pressed seashells coat the shade's surface in these types of lamps — some of these chandeliers have the shells placed much like a mosaic pattern of clay tiles. For example, many Capiz seashell chandeliers feature round shells that show on the surface of the lamp. If amber or tan tones would suit your living space, a Capiz pressed shell pendant chandelier may work well for you as many of these lamps feature shells in these colors. The light and dark shades of warm browns tend to mix well with many decor types.

Dangling seashell chandeliers are styled similarly to their crystal counterparts. Yet, instead of crystals, oval white shells hang down from the chandelier frame. If you like this look, round, oval and other shapes of dangling seashell chandelier are available. Rather than pedestal branches, these light fixtures usually have a spiral or graduated tier arrangement. If you like a sleek shape, but with detailed texture in the form of hanging shells that move in a fluttering way in a breeze, the dangling seashell style of chandelier may be best for you.

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