How Do I Choose the Best Screen Porch Kits?

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The porch is a great location for enjoying the outdoors or relaxing outside of the home, but during summer months, bugs and debris can ruin a perfectly relaxing evening. To counteract such problems, you can buy screen porch kits that surround the porch and help keep bugs and debris at bay. Choosing the best screen porch kits starts with measuring your porch space, and then contacting a kit manufacturer to find out if that business makes a kit that will work with your porch. In many cases, it will be necessary to modify either the porch or the kit.

Many screen porch kits come in standard sizes. It is a good idea to choose a standard size if possible, as this will make installation easier and less expensive. If your porch is an unusual size or has features that will not mesh with the screen porch kits you are considering purchasing, you have two options: you can either modify the porch or you can have the manufacturer modify the kit. Believe it or not, it may be cheaper to modify the porch rather than have the manufacturer modify the kit, so if cost is an issue, consider making changes to the porch itself.


Think carefully about how you will use the porch before you buy any screen porch kits. Some people use the porch space only in warmer months, in which case screens alone will be a good choice. Others choose to make the porch into a three- or four-season living space, in which case windows may be necessary. These kits tend to be more expensive, but they will make the space more livable year-round. You can also choose screen porch kits that are permanent or that feature removable screens. The advantage of removable screens is the ability to increase air flow when the screen are not needed.

Try to choose screen porch kits that are easy to use after installation. If you choose screens that can be removed, for example, make sure they are mounted in durable wood or aluminum frames that can secure in place solidly and be removed from place when necessary. Don't forget to consider aesthetics, too: some kits feature wood frames that will look great with existing wood frames, while other kits feature vinyl or aluminum parts. Think about how the screens and frame materials will look with the materials that make up your existing porch.


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