How Do I Choose the Best Scar Concealer?

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Concealers can be used to cover a number of skin blemishes, including scars. A concealer can be purchased for either facial or body scars. Choosing a scar concealer to match the tone of your skin and scar, along with your skin type, is important. Generally, high-quality concealers will usually cover a scar better than inexpensive ones. While these may cost a little more, they are usually worth the added expense.

Before purchasing a scar concealer, decide whether you want a face or body concealer. Regular facial concealers are typically a little less expensive, but they are also a little thinner. A facial concealer designed to hide scars, however, may be a little thicker.

Body concealers, on the other hand, are usually thicker than facial concealers. A body scar concealer is usually used to hide scars on the body, but it can be used on the face. Large body or facial scars may be hidden better with a body concealer.

Whatever concealer that you choose, it should match the color of your skin. This will result in a more natural look. Also, some makeup experts recommend choosing a scar concealer with certain color undertones, depending on the color of your scar. Concealers with green undertones will typically hide a reddish scar better. On the other hand, concealers with mauve or yellow undertones will usually help hide a blue or purple scar.


Shiny or shimmery concealers reflect more light. This can make scars more noticeable. These should never be used to conceal scars.

You should also keep your skin type in mind when purchasing a scar concealer. Some concealers are formulated for use on different skin types. If you have sensitive skin, for example, you should choose a concealer for sensitive skin.

Before choosing a scar concealer, you should have some idea of what you are willing to spend. Some high-quality concealers can be a bit pricey, but these usually contain more pigment, which will help cover a scar better. A less expensive concealer may work well enough to cover smaller scars. If you have a large unattractive scar, however, you may want to spend a little more for a higher quality scar concealer.

Some stores may allow you to try out a particular concealer before buying it. Professional makeup consultants may also have samples for you to try. If these options are not possible, you should try to find a store that will allow you to return the concealer, if you aren't happy with it. Some stores will do this, while others will not.


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Post 3

I have a bad scar on my arm from a burn. I use scar concealing makeup for it that I got from a professional stage makeup store. I think stage performers use this stuff a lot. It was not cheap but it comes in a huge container and will last me at least a year. It works relatively well. It's also waterproof, so I don't have to worry about it coming off when I'm working out.

I do however use loose powder on top of the concealer to set it. It takes away any shine (which makes it apparent that there is a product there) and it makes the concealer last longer.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- Yes, I use a cosmetic concealer for a face scar. But the scar is small and not severe so it's relatively easy to cover.

Cosmetic concealers are cheaper than scar concealers, so that's why I prefer them. However, they don't all work the same. There are liquid ones and solid ones. I've tried both and I like the solid, creamy concealers better. They are much thicker than the liquid ones and cover the scar better.

Also, much like foundation, concealers come in different colors for different undertones and for hyper-pigmentation. For example, if you have a scar that's red, you can use a green toned concealer for it.

Post 1

Has anyone had success concealing scars with cosmetic concealers for the face?

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