How Do I Choose the Best Scaffolding Service?

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You can find the best scaffolding service by asking a few simple questions about the service, such as whether the service delivers the scaffolding, sets up the scaffolding and tears down the scaffolding. The best scaffolding service does all of this and more. Many services offer to bring the scaffolding to a job site, but then you are left on your own to set up the scaffolding. The best scaffolding service will have several types and sizes of scaffold to choose from, as well as as scaffolding platforms. Lesser-quality services will typically offer only wooden planks to build platforms from.

When attempting to do a job that requires scaffolding to reach the higher elevations of the job, it is important that you choose the best scaffolding service possible in your area. Some of the lesser-quality services may have a set number of scaffolding components placed on a trailer that you can hook to and pull to your job site; however, better services will determine the proper number of scaffolding sections you will require and will deliver that quantity to your site. While the best scaffolding service will deliver and set up the scaffolding for you on the job site, there may be an extra charge for this service.


For an involved job such as siding, bricking or blocking a wall, the best scaffolding service will typically have a bottom section that is mounted on a rolling chassis. This setup allows you to roll the completed scaffolding along the length of the wall to complete the building without requiring the scaffolding be torn down and rebuilt in a new location further down the wall or building side. As with the rest of the scaffolding, the service will commonly bring this rolling foundation to your site as well as pick it up once the job is completed.

For large industrial jobs that require many scaffolding sections, the best scaffolding service will deliver scaffolding on a consistent schedule until all of the scaffolding is on site. Even the best of services will not typically set up scaffolding on an industrial site, however, the service will drop off sections at intervals along your work site, eliminating the need for your workers to carry scaffolding all across your job site. When seeking out the best scaffolding service, asking the level of support it will provide once the equipment is on site is another good identifier of a quality service. Any scaffolding service not willing to bring replacement sections or platforms to replace damaged components should be avoided, if possible.


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