How Do I Choose the Best Scaffolding Design?

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To choose the best scaffolding design, it is often important to consider the task being undertaken and the materials and structure of different types of scaffolding. The best scaffolding design should be appropriate for the size and shape of whatever is being created, with materials that provide enough support for whatever weight the scaffold needs to hold. Additionally, it is almost always important to choose a design that was created by qualified scaffold designers, provides sufficient fall protection and conforms to all legally obligated safety requirements.

Considering the specific requirements of the task at hand is often a good first step. Some scaffold designs may be more than necessary for a job, while others may not be sufficient, depending on the size of the scaffold needed. For instance, a very large building face will require a large scaffolding system, such as industrial scaffolding. A large scaffolding system on a small building, on the other hand, would be unnecessary and might even limit effective working. Cost of materials also is an important consideration, because scaffolding is often a significant investment.


Materials should be of the highest quality to help ensure safe and stable working conditions. Parts should be well-fabricated and free of cracks or defects whenever possible. The best scaffolding design also will be made of a material that suits the task and resources available. For instance, bamboo scaffolding is often considered best in countries with a great deal of bamboo. Wood and metal also may be suitable, depending on the stability required and the purpose of the scaffolding.

The best scaffolding design will provide the necessary height for completing a task without sacrificing safety. Safety and cost are often primary concerns, so it is important to choose the most economical and functional design. One way to ensure this is to choose from designs created only by qualified scaffolding designers.

Some companies and people may have special training that enables them to build the safest and most secure scaffolding. The best scaffolding design will probably be created by someone with experience and a history of safe scaffolding. Experienced scaffold designers and proven scaffold designs are often best, because they can improve the safety of a construction or restoration effort without limiting job performance.

When designing scaffolding, among the most important features are fall protection and other safety requirements. States, local governments, insurance companies and corporations often provide requirements to help ensure a safe working environment. The best scaffolding design will almost always incorporate all requirements and suggestions for safety.


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