How Do I Choose the Best Saxony Carpet?

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To choose the best Saxony carpet, consider whether you are looking for the brand Saxony® or simply the style. Also decide whether you want a patterned or solid carpet and if you want textures or borders. The Saxony® name originally referred to a luxury carpet company in New York City, but the name is now commonly used to refer to a luxurious style of carpet from other manufacturers as well. Regardless of which one you choose, decide what kind of style you want, and whether you want a patterned carpet or a solid color. Texture can add an interesting look to Saxony carpet and eliminate some of its most common downsides. Borders can make a room with patterned carpet even more interesting.

If you want the most luxurious, high end carpet available, Saxony® carpet is typically what you would look for. The company is well known for producing plush and luxurious carpeting out of wool or other carefully selected, high quality materials. All of this luxury does not come at bargain prices, so if your budget doesn't allow you to splurge for the original Saxony® brand, you might be better served by a Saxony-style carpet made by another manufacturer. These carpets might not have the same extremely high standards as the original but are usually the highest in quality and luxury for that manufacturer.


Saxony carpet is available in enough styles to suit virtually any taste. Think about the style you want to achieve or what the existing style is based on the furniture and other decor. Typically, a solid colored carpet looks more traditional or formal. Patterned Saxony carpets come in everything from florals to animal prints and in every geometric pattern in between. Consider how big your space is, what else is going to be in the room, and whether you might change the color scheme or style later on before you commit to purchasing a patterned carpet.

While Saxony carpet and its luxurious feel are enjoyed by many, there are some common issues that come with having it. It shows marks from foot traffic, vacuums, and furniture more than other types. If this is a concern for you, look for a textured version as it will reduce the visibility of such marks. Borders are the last option to consider and might be right for you if you have chosen a patterned style and want to add extra interest around the edges or to create a defined area.


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