How do I Choose the Best Saw Palmetto Oil?

Saw palmetto oil is one form an herbal remedy commonly taken for prostate health and baldness. Choosing the best supplement requires knowledge of the different products, usage recommendations, and availability. Health conditions, possible side effects, personal preferences, and cost should also be considered when deciding which saw palmetto product to purchase.

The most common use for saw palmetto extracts and oil is to treat a type of hair loss known as androgenic alopecia. This particular kind of baldness, which occurs in men and women, is caused by slow hair growth that leads to the appearance of less hair and thinner hair. Saw palmetto oil may help boost hair growth, restore the condition of thinning or weakened hair, and deter future hair loss.

Products with saw palmetto include pills taken orally and extracts or oils for topical application. Most supplements are pills or tablets used to treat prostate problems in men, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This herb may encourage healthy prostate function, encourage the libido, and prevent baldness. For women, saw palmetto may counteract hair loss, boost lactation for breast-feeding, and increase breast size.


When taken in pill form, saw palmetto supplements can range in amounts from 100 to 350 milligrams, taken once per day. Extracts and oils used to treat hair loss are generally applied daily, usually at night. Treatment recommendations suggest applying the product to affected areas and letting the oil soak in overnight, if possible, with a minimum application time of one hour.

Many health food or vitamin stores carry a variety of products that contain saw palmetto oil, and this natural remedy is sold over the counter. Online retailers also sell supplements and offer a convenient way to browse the various options. When choosing a product on the Internet, take time to review all available information and check customer comments. Don’t forget about shipping charges when calculating the cost of any items purchased.

Side effects reported with saw palmetto oil are rare, but can include nausea or headache. As with most herbal remedies, possible dangers, dosage, and application recommendations generally come from the product manufacturer. Always research a new product before choosing it as a treatment option. If you are taking any prescription drugs or have health problems, check with a medical professional before adding any herbal supplements to your healthcare regimen to prevent complications.


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Post 5

@burcidi: What is the name of the company that you buy saw palmetto oil from? I can't find it anywhere and would greatly appreciate your help.

Post 4

@burcidi: where can I find this raw, cold-pressed saw palmetto oil? I searched everywhere, but cannot find it. Thanks!

Post 3

I don't think saw palmetto should be used in any way without the approval and supervision of a doctor. My friend used it and developed severe gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction.

Post 2

@alisha-- You're right in that saw palmetto oil is not as easy to find as the extract. Saw palmetto oil is cold pressed from saw palmetto berries. It takes a lot of berries to get one ounce of the oil, so it is expensive. So I would steer clear from any product that is cheap. Also, you want to make sure that the saw palmetto oil is made from raw palmetto berries, otherwise the benefits are lost.

I buy small four ounce bottles of pure saw palmetto from a company that sells natural herbs and oils. I mix it with another oil like olive oil or coconut oil before I apply it to my scalp. It's my way of

making the oil more affordable. Perhaps the saw palmetto oil sellers you found online did the same thing to make it more affordable to their customers.

The supplements are cheaper but I've read that saw palmetto extract has side effects, so I prefer the oil which I think is safer.

Post 1

I've been looking into saw palmetto benefits for hair loss for a while. I've noticed that there are lots of saw palmetto supplements on the market. But I've only found one or two places online that sell saw palmetto oil and the prices are very affordable.

Is it very difficult to obtain saw palmetto oil? How much should saw palmetto oil cost?

I'm afraid that I might buy a product labeled as saw palmetto oil that has other oils in it instead. I don't know if these oils are high quality and reliable.

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