How Do I Choose the Best Satin Blazer?

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When attempting to select the best satin blazer, workmanship and the type of fabric you use will likely be the two most important factors. You should also think about what clothing you plan to wear the blazer with and make sure you select one that will complement those pieces of your wardrobe. It is also a good idea to determine how much money you can afford to spend for a satin blazer. This should help you narrow down your choices while also saving you a lot of shopping time.

Satin is a type of fabric that is typically very shiny, and it is often described as either low luster or high luster. Some low-luster types of satin include duchess satin and shantung satin. These fabrics are often used for low-key and understated formal wear. High-luster satin is also used in formal wear, but this type is generally more popular for clothing intended for evening use. High-luster satins include charmeuse, crepe satin, and bridal satin.

A satin blazer made of silk fibers will normally be much more expensive than polyester blends. Silk is also generally considered a top-end fabric, and it is not only beautiful, but normally very durable. One of the drawbacks of using silk is that it often needs to be dry-cleaned. If you pick out a satin blazer with silk fibers, you could have the added expense of having to pay a cleaning bill every time it needs laundering.


Polyester satin is normally much less expensive than silk, and in most cases it can be machine washed and dried. You should make sure that the satin is of a good weight because lightweight polyester satin does not generally stand up well to excessive laundering. Be sure and read the label before purchasing because some satins look very much like polyester and might actually be made from acetate, which is usually of costume quality. Most people do not consider acetate to be a good-quality fabric.

Before purchasing a satin blazer, check the quality of the overall workmanship. A good blazer should be completely lined, including the sleeves. Stitches need to be small, and all seams should be serged. You can identify serging by looking for seams that have stitching threads enclosing the raw edges of the fabric. If you purchase a garment with raw-edged seams that have not been serged, over time these seams may ravel all the way down to the stitching.


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