How Do I Choose the Best Sandblasting Service?

Lori Kilchermann

When searching for the best sandblasting service, it is wise to investigate the different sandblasting media the company uses. Different blasting jobs require different blasting media. This commonly separates the best sandblasting service from a run-of-the-mill service which only offers one type of blasting media for all services. It is typical for the best sandblasting operators to offer to come to your location to perform the blasting. If you can locate a blasting service that offers multiple blasting medium and mobile blasting service and is willing to work within your schedule, you may have found the best service in your area.

A person sandblasting.
A person sandblasting.

Sandblasting is used on small items to full-size automobiles and components to remove old paint, corrosion and rust. The least desirable sandblasting service will typically use only one type of blasting media, commonly silica sand. This may prove to be a reliable medium to perform your sandblasting job, however, a more reputable sandblasting service will offer viable options such as walnut shells, plastic beads and baking soda, all perfectly sound for the job as well as the environment. If you wish to blast a fragile vintage vehicle, the best sandblasting service will commonly use a baking soda medium to remove the paint and rust without damaging the body panels.

Silica sand for sandblasting.
Silica sand for sandblasting.

The importance of using various media is to reduce the heat generated from the friction of the blasting media striking the object that you are having blasted. The best sandblasting service will recognize the proper blasting medium for the job and you will receive a finished job that will not require extra work to repair the damage resulting from blasting. When blasting softer materials such as aluminum and stainless steel trim, a different blasting media should be available for the best outcome. The best blasting service will offer the most variety and choice of media to properly complete your project.

Small jobs are commonly completed at your location by the better blasting services. This allows you to keep the project on your premises and maintain physical custody with less chance of losing the parts. Commonly using portable blasting cabinets, the better sandblasting service will arrive at your location and allow you to watch as the parts are blasted. This frequently involves the blasting agent asking your opinion of the finished part, with retouching or further action completed at your direction. You must remember that the best sandblasting service will typically cost more than a less desirable service, however, you commonly get what you pay for.

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