How Do I Choose the Best Sandblasting Kit?

Lori Kilchermann

In order for you to choose the best sandblasting kit for your needs, you must identify the size of the sandblasting projects you will be taking on, how often you will be sandblasting and where you will be sandblasting. The purchase of a sandblasting kit can be a large investment, so it is not wise to enter into the process without some basic information regarding your needs. You will need to make informed decisions on what type and style of sandblasting gun, nozzle and air compressor that you will be required to purchase to accompany your new sandblasting kit. By properly researching your needs and the capabilities of the tools, you will be able to choose the best kit to meet both your needs and your budget.

A person sandblasting.
A person sandblasting.

Sandblasting is the process of blowing sand through a special nozzle with compressed air to remove rust, paint and corrosion. The size of the project commonly defines the proper size of the sandblasting kit that will be required to adequately perform the procedure. While a larger kit is capable of doing a smaller project, it is often very difficult to perform a large job with a small sandblasting kit. There are, however, always exceptions to the rule and you will not want to use a sandblasting kit suitable for blasting an automobile to etch a design into a pair of wine glasses.

It is also not wise to spend the money on a professional sandblasting kit if you intend to do one or two small projects a year. Conversely, you should not choose to buy a small, low-quality and inexpensive kit if your intentions are to open a sandblasting business. By identifying the level of use that your new blasting kit will see, you will make the best decision when buying the properly-sized sandblaster. Other considerations that will aid in your selection of the best kit for your needs is the available electric current in your work shop.

Some sandblasting kit requirements mandate the use of an industrial-sized air compressor. These units often call for industrial-type electric power that is not commonly available in a home garage or shop application. It is also important to choose from a selection of realistic options when deciding on the best kit for your needs. There are several fine kits on the market to fill most any requirement for a sandblasting kit providing you do your homework, make rational choices and remain committed to purchasing only the best kit for your sandblasting needs.

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@nextcorrea - Good points. But if I can offer a tip to anyone who thinks they really do need to buy a sandblaster. Be willing to spend some money on it. There are cheap models but many of them provide low pressure and break easily.

A sandblaster is a pretty intense machine that is subject to a lot of wear and tear. If you are not willing to invest in a model that is made with quality materials and skilled workmanship you will probably be buying a new sandblaster in a year or two.


It is only really necessary to buy a sandblaster kit if you are going to go into business as a sandblaster. Or, I suppose, if you have to sandblast a fleet of battleships. My point is that owning a sandblaster is only necessary if you are going to do it a lot.

For most people sandblasting is a once in a lifetime project. Most big home improvement stores have them available for rental for reasonable rates and your total overall coasts are almost guaranteed to be less than the cost of buying a sandblaster.

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