How Do I Choose the Best RV Campgrounds?

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A recreational vehicle (RV) or motor home can give couples or families the means to travel while bringing along many of the personal comforts of home. While planning a trip, the travelers may need to select RV parks or campsites at which to park the motor home each night. Choosing the best RV campgrounds will require the travelers to focus on the goals of the vacation. They need to decide if they are interested in the basic services offered at a remote campground or the more extensive services offered at a luxury resort. Researching RV resorts or RV campgrounds can be done using a directory published by an RV club or organization.

RV directories give brief descriptions of RV resorts and RV campgrounds by state, making it possible for travelers to plan for stops along the anticipated route. Campgrounds located in state or county parks may be more suitable for travelers interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or fishing. These campgrounds usually provide a quiet escape and offer larger campsites with trees, picnic benches, and individual barbecues. Services may be limited at state or county parks but many campsites offer either partial hookups to electricity or full hookups to electricity, water, and sewer.


National forest campgrounds may also offer quiet campsites that can accommodate RVs of varying lengths. These campsites are usually larger and may be surrounded by trees, offering travelers more privacy. Most have services ranging from no hookups to partial hookups. The traveler is more likely to have access to hiking trails and scenic mountain views at national forest campgrounds.

For those travelers interested in more extensive services than those offered at state or national forest campgrounds, an RV resort may be more suitable. RV resorts usually offer guests full hookups in addition to a variety of amenities similar to those found at hotel resorts. Travelers may be able to connect to cable TV and have wireless Internet access. There may be playground areas, a swimming pool, or a game room on the property. Guests may be able to plan or attend social activities in a clubhouse or recreation room.

Other amenities that may be available at RV resorts are laundry facilities, an exercise room, or even tennis courts. Campsites at RV resorts are typically close together on an asphalt parking lot. Some may offer small patches of grass between sites. The RV resort caters to campers who enjoy interacting with other campers, and privacy at these resorts can be limited. It is important for travelers to focus on how they can be most comfortable so they can choose RV campgrounds that the whole family will enjoy.


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