How do I Choose the Best Rustic Coffee Table?

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Choosing the best rustic coffee table for your living space means finding the size, shape and look you love most in furniture. Almost anything with a natural texture such as wood or leather can work well for a coffee table in a ruggedly informal living area. As long as the overall look is natural, you can usually have as simple or as detailed an appearance as you prefer in a rustic coffee table.

A natural wood burl with branches for a base is an example of a more detailed rustic table. The slice of log top with non-perfect edges placed on branches that form a natural base can make a rustic coffee table that is also a conversation piece. Another way to make a detailed rustic style of coffee table is to carve or cut out a longer section of a wood log and attach smaller logs for legs. Unique storage pockets can be formed for a one-of-a-kind coffee table.

Simple wood coffee tables that are just a flat top on four furniture legs are great for rustic interiors. The furniture legs shouldn't be too fancy or the necessary natural appearance for this type of style can be lost. Natural log furniture legs are a much better choice for a rustic coffee table than polished, perfectly uniform ones. If you'd rather have something a little more polished in a coffee table, consider knotty pine with a clear varnish.


Varnished knotty pine tends to look both rustic and naturally elegant due to its combination of shine and knots. A knotty pine rustic coffee table with storage can be a beautiful as well as practical choice. Depending on your preference, you may want a chest style with one large inner storage compartment or an apothecary type with many small drawers.

If you feel you have enough wooden furniture in your rustic style living space and want something different for a coffee table, you could opt for leather. A leather-covered coffee table fits in with the natural elements such as wood, while at the same time offers a different texture. Many leather coffee tables are storage types with a top that hinges or lifts open to reveal a single compartment. For rugged interiors, it's best to choose a leather-covered coffee table with a plain rather than button-tufted top, as this can look too formal.


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