How Do I Choose the Best Running Bottle?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing a running bottle, you should consider the amount of liquid you need to carry with you, the carrying method with which you feel most comfortable, as well as the quality of the bottle’s insulation. Other factors to consider are whether you want a bottle that can actually filter your water as well as the cost of the hydration bottles that you consider. Finally, if aesthetics are important to you, you should select a bottle that matches your personal style as well as your exercise clothes.

Some people purchase bottled water for running.
Some people purchase bottled water for running.

Many runners, joggers, and serious walkers recognize the importance of staying hydrated while exercising. In fact, lack of hydration can actually be dangerous, particularly if you are running or jogging for long distances or in hot weather. When selecting a running bottle, consider how much liquid you need to safely run, walk, or jog for the amount of time that you prefer to exercise. If you aren’t sure, talk to a personal trainer or sports physician and get his or her advice on water consumption during exercise. Make sure that you choose a running bottle or water backpack suited to your needs.

The best running water bottle is one that you'll be comfortable carrying while you run.
The best running water bottle is one that you'll be comfortable carrying while you run.

You should also select a running bottle or hydration system that you are comfortable wearing on your body. Some runners prefer a hand-held running bottle that they can strap to their hand while exercising. Others prefer to carry their bottles attached to a belt around their waists. Another option is a watertight backpack that holds the liquid on your back. A long straw is incorporated into the backpack so that you can sip water while you are running.

Make sure that the running bottle system that you choose insulates the water so that it remains cool while you are exercising. Another thing to consider is that some running bottles contain a water filtration system. While this can be nice if you aren't fond of the taste of straight tap water, keep in mind that you will have to change this filter on a regular basis in order to maintain the purity of your water. If you are considering a running bottle with a filtration system, find out how convenient it will be for you to purchase and replace its filters.

Many running bottles and systems come in a variety of colors and materials. You may wish to select a running bottle and accessories that go well with your other running gear. If this is a concern, seek out retailers that have a wide selection of styles available.

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