How Do I Choose the Best Rump Steak Marinade?

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In order to choose the best rump steak marinade, you will need to determine the desired effect you want from the marinade. The use of a marinade is typically not intended to tenderize a tough cut of meat, rather the marinade is intended to add flavor to the meat. The best rump steak marinade will make the steak meet your flavor expectations and please your taste buds. Some of the best marinade recipes use spices such as garlic, chilies and mustard. Liquids used in the best marinades range from red wine and soy sauce to Worcestershire sauce.

Once you have decided to marinate your steak, you may want to consider some of your favorite salad dressings. If you like a spicy salad dressing, you might like a spicy rump steak marinade. If, however, you prefer a more mild type of salad dressing, you may be better off choosing a mild marinade for your steak. Most marinade recipes can be altered to fit either spicy or mild tastes by simply adding or eliminating a spicy pepper. The marinade is best when left to work on the meat for at least two to three hours, and marinating overnight is preferred for most meats.


Often, the best rump steak marinade will not be a complex mixture of several ingredients. The most flavorful marinade recipes often contain only three or four components. The more simple and basic the marinade, the more impact the individual flavors will have on the steak. You may wish to include an acid, such as vinegar or citrus juice, in the marinade since this is the component that aids in tenderizing the meat. You may also want to pierce the steak with the point of a sharp knife or a fork to allow the marinade to seep as deep as possible into the steak.

The liquid for a rump steak marinade that will be cooked on a hot grill should include an oil-based component, such as olive oil. This will prevent the steak from sticking and will also aid in the creation of grill marks on the meat. If you are trying to find a marinade that offers full flavor without the added sodium, cut back on added salt when using a soy sauce-based marinade. The soy sauce will give a salty flavor that can often be overpowering if salt is added in the seasoning of the steak.


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Red wine is always a great base for a roast marinade, in my opinion. It gives the meat a lot of flavor without overwhelming it. You're going to roast the meat, so that will soften the harshness of the alcohol flavor. Garlic is also a must, along with onion powder, black pepper and maybe even olive oil.

It's hard to over-flavor a rump roast. They need to have a lot of flavoring added, since they don't have the natural flavor that say, a ribeye does. I've even seen some cooks do the marinade, and then rub the roast with something like black pepper or garlic paste before cooking.

I like trying different flavors with roast marinades. It really amps up the flavor of the finished recipe.

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