How Do I Choose the Best Romance Movies?

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Romance movies can be wonderful for a chilly day, a starlit night, or really any time in between. This popular movie genre is so diverse that it may be difficult to choose the best romance movies for a specific occasion, a date, or even a girls' night. When choosing a romance movies, some things to consider include the specific genre, any particular personal associations with the film, and reviews from movie critics or friends.

Romance movies can be weepy, riotously funny, or even death-defyingly adventurous. While it is easy to go straight to the romance section of a rental store, consider browsing through the comedy and action films for possible options. Romantic adventure films can be great for dates, since they tend to blend whirlwind action sequences with comedy and romantic interludes. Romantic comedies are generally fun and frivolous, and may be best for an event where serious thinking is undesirable. Romantic dramas may have deep, complex plots and no guarantee of a happy ending; these should be pursued with caution on first dates.


Finding personal connections to a film can be a great way to choose romance movies. Films that are set in a person's hometown, or an exotic location that the viewer is planning to visit can make the movie experience more real and exciting. Since each generation produces its own set of famous romantic movies, it can also be fun and sweetly nostalgic to re-visit favorites from a viewer's teen years. For anyone planning a wedding, a night of great romantic comedy wedding movies can be a good stress reliever. For a classic romantic experience, ask parents or grandparents about their favorite romance movies.

Since movie marketers can make even the worst bomb look like an award-winning film, it may help to read some reviews before picking romance movies. There are many review websites on the Internet that compile all major critical reviews of movies, even those released decades earlier. Though reviewers may have different opinions, getting a general idea of the fair or foul rating of a film can help weed out the disasters and let the viewer get a general idea of the tone and genre. Film foundations also frequently post lists of the top ten or hundred movies in each genre; reading these lists can be a great way to find new romance movies to watch.

Friends can also be a good source of candid reviews for romance movies. Any film buff acquaintance is likely to rattle off a dozen choices if asked for a recommendation. Social networking websites can also be a great place to find movie recommendations; simply post a request for suggestions and watch for results.


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Post 3

I don't know if I would call it a romance film, especially considering how it has to do with vampires, but I've always enjoyed the Twilight films, and I'm a guy. Sure, they may not be completely accurate with the books, but then again, they don't have to be. Cheesy acting aside, don't take the film so seriously, and enjoy it for what it is.

Post 2

I like how the article mentions that movie makers can make a low budget flick look completely award winning. In my opinion, this really shows that the success of a movie isn't always based off of whether people like it or not (especially the critics), but how well it does at the box office. To further prove my point, research some of the more recent chick flicks, and you'll notice that they were very high grossing movies, despite their low budget and poor reviews.

Post 1
In relation to the second to last paragraph, I agree with the fact that it's a good idea to check reviews before watching a romance movie. After all, while some of them can be quite high budget, on the other hand, some romance films will have you wondering why they were even in theaters in the first place.

For example, when it was first released, I went to see Twilight with my girlfriend. Even though she loved it, it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Checking several review online, many people (who took their girlfriends to see it as well) admitted that it was poorly made. This is why you should always check reviews before seeing a film, especially if it's related to romance.

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